TORLYS laminate floors? Visit Word of Mouth Floors showroom in Richmond, BC

Torlys Laminate Flooring Brand Details

TORLYS: Life-Proof Laminate Flooring Worth Considering for Your Next Project

If you’re looking for quality floors that are resilient and require minimal maintenance, TORLYS laminate flooring at Word of Mouth Floors is the perfect option for you.  TORLYS offers a range of gorgeous laminate flooring that is practically indistinguishable from actual hardwood flooring- at a fraction of the cost!

TORLYS laminate floors? Visit Word of Mouth Floors showroom in Richmond, BC

About TORLYS Flooring

TORLYS was founded in 1988 and has become a leader in innovative flooring for the past 30 years. TORLYS is recognized as one of the fastest growing flooring companies, and, as such, is highly skilled in creating products that are easily maintainable and long-lasting. Their long-lasting flooring is only one aspect of their sustainability efforts, and the company understands how critical it is to protect our environment, with much of their products containing partially recycled materials.


TORLYS was founded in Toronto, making it a fellow Canadian company, by Fernando Luz and Anibal Claudino. Their original mission was to provide outstanding and out-of-the-box flooring solutions. Peter Barretto took over the role of President and CEO of TORLYS and shifted their mission from a broader flooring supplier to become an international flooring distribution specialist.


TORLYS Smart Laminate and Quick-Step® NatureTek Laminate

TORLYS Smart Laminate and Quick-Step® NatureTek Laminate floorings are designed to be life-proof and look great in the process. This laminate flooring is no match for an active household and is practically indistinguishable from real hardwood flooring. TORLYS transition-free promise ensures that your space will be completely seamless, from the living room to the hallway, and into the bathroom!

TORLYS laminate floors? Visit Word of Mouth Floors showroom in Richmond, BC

TORLYS laminate flooring promises the best quality that the industry has to offer. The company has earned the North American Laminate Flooring Association (NALFA) Certification Seal by passing a variety of rigorous tests. The tests on their laminate flooring are designed to evaluate performance, durability, strength, and quality.


As for the water resistance of TORLYS laminate flooring, they were deemed the most swell-resistant when compared to ordinary laminate flooring. TORLYS laminate was tested for its water resistance by submerging them in water for 24 hours, where it outperformed standard laminate flooring, with the ordinary laminate swelling by over 20% and TORLYS laminate absorbing as low as 6%. This ensures that your TORLYS laminate flooring will not have ugly raised edges and minimal chipping.


Key Features of Torlys Laminate Floors

There are so many reasons for you to be excited about TORLYS flooring at Word of Mouth Floors. The features offered in many of TORLYS laminate flooring will give you peace at mind that your new flooring will be able to withstand the everyday hustle and bustle of life. The following is a list of features in some of the collections of TORLYS laminate, what they are, and how they will benefit you:

Aqua Protect is an edge coating that protects your flooring from moisture penetrating the plank’s core. This applies to TORLYS waterproof Smart Laminates.

Uniclic® Joint is one of the worlds most advanced joint system available on the market. This prevents any moisture from seeping in between planks with its strong interlocking system, so say good-bye to ugly gapping!

GenuEdge™ seals your planks by having the colour transfer over the edge into the bevel. This will further prevent moisture from entering the joints and core of your flooring.

HydroSeal is an edge coating that protects your flooring from moisture penetrating the plank’s core. This applies to TORLYS Quick-Step® NatureTek Laminates. 

Inside the Planks

  1. The Top Layer is a top-coat layer that protects your flooring to ensure that it stays just as beautiful as when you installed it.
  2. The Decorative Layer is what makes your flooring look like authentic, textured hardwood.
  3. TORLYS Smart Core is a dense, dent resistant base that gives you an advantage against other, less compressed laminate floor cores.
  4. TORLYS Uniclick® Joint ensures that your flooring is gap-resistant and waterproof, while remaining simple to install.
  5. The Bottom Layer adds stability to your flooring and provides an extra level of moisture protection. 

Torlys Beautiful Finishes

TORLYS laminate flooring guarantees a superior performance. One way that TORLYS does this is with their finishes on their laminate. The top layer of every Smart Laminate and Quick-Step® NatureTek Laminate flooring is made from a transparent mixture of water-resistant melamine resin and aluminum oxide. This transparent finish guarantees that your flooring will be able to withstand a busy residential household, and that you will be able to sleep soundly knowing that your floors can look as elegant and gorgeous as when you first installed them.

Simple Installation and Maintenance

With the help of TORLYS innovative Uniclic® Joint, laminate flooring has never been so easy to install! Installation is glue and nail-free, so its simple for you to install yourself if you are up to it, you do not need a professional.

Maintenance on TORLYS laminate flooring is simplistic. Just keep in mind the following things:

  • Ensure Regular Cleaning by sweeping or vacuuming your flooring and clean with a non-treated mop, warm water and non-acidic, non-alkaline cleaner.
  • Protect from Damage by ensuring that you have mats at entryways and by using protective pads on the feet of your furniture. Make sure to lift heavy objects rather than dragging to avoid scratching the finish of your laminate flooring. Also avoid wearing high heal shoes, as they may dent your TORLYS flooring.
TORLYS laminate floors? Visit Word of Mouth Floors showroom in Richmond, BC

Torlys Soundproof Promise

So long as you choose the correct underlay for your TORLYS laminate flooring, you can be sure that your flooring will be exceptionally quiet.  Generally, TORLYS laminate has an Impact Insulation Class (IIC) of up to 71 when paired with TORLYS Safe and Sound 5-in-1 Foam Underlay. This rating ensures that your home will maintain its acoustic qualities and sound warm and comfortable.

Torlys Fantastic Warranty

All TORLYS laminate flooring are backed by their Peace of Mind Assurance Program, with a warranty of up to 35 years! This warranty covers surface wear, water damage, staining, fading, joint integrity, gapping, and overall structure. This guarantees that whatever life throws at you, TORLYS laminate flooring will stay beautiful and sturdy.

TORLYS Floors: Collections

TORLYS will launch in January, and will feature 8mm thick laminate flooring, including 3 collections:

  • Park Lane, a 100% waterproof laminate flooring with a natural wood look,
  • Fjord, a modern and durable laminate flooring with trendy colour options, and
  • Classic Plus, a classic natural oak look with all the benefits of laminate flooring.

Park Lane

TORLYS Park Lane collection features rich textures to give the look of a classic hardwood floor. This collection is entirely waterproof, featuring HydroSeal, Uniclic® and GenuEdge™ to ensure your floors will withstand everything from spilled juice to the water you use to clean it up!

TORLYS laminate floors? Visit Word of Mouth Floors showroom in Richmond, BC

This collection is perfect for anyone looking for a flooring that is versatile, elegant, authentic looking.


TORLYS Fjord collection is trendy and modern, while maintaining the authentic hardwood look. This flooring collection features micro-beveled edges, giving for a very sleek look.

This collection is great for anyone looking for a professional, classy, and trendy flooring to compliment any space in your home.

TORLYS laminate floors? Visit Word of Mouth Floors showroom in Richmond, BC

Classic Plus

TORLYS Classic Plus collection offers a natural oak look and feel, with authentic grainy texture and gorgeous colour range.  This collection also features nano-beveled edges, ensuring fine seams around planks. This collection also features Uniclic® and Aqua Protect to give you a waterproof finish.


This collection by TORLYS captures style and authenticity while also ensuring you can live with the peace of mind that your flooring has extra protection to stand up to everyday wear.

TORLYS- Sustainability and Safety                                                         

TORLYS understands the importance of being environmentally conscious and believes that they have a corporate social responsibility to be sustainable while delivering quality products.  As a part of the Canada Green Building Council, they take sustainability very seriously. TORLYS flooring is committed to:

  • Using renewable and recycled resources,
  • Being LEED® certified,
  • Ensuring the quality of your home’s air, and
  • Being long-lasting and repairable.


Use of Renewable and Recycled Resources

TORLYS is committed to reducing their environmental footprint. The way they do this is by producing their laminate flooring with up to 70% recycled wood, and by harvesting renewable resources. The company also makes sure to reduce wasted resources by using more and throwing away less.


LEED ® Certification

TORLYS is certified by LEED®- Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. LEED® is an internationally recognized green building certification system that verifies the environmental sustainability of building materials, communities, and buildings. To receive certification, TORLYS proved that they are using strategies to improve performance across the following metrics: energy savings, CO2 emissions reduction, improved indoor environmental quality, and stewardship of resources and sensitivity to their impacts. 

Indoor Air Quality

How can TORLYS laminate flooring get better? Well, they are more than safe for the air quality in your home! Their flooring is CARB compliant, meaning that they meet the formaldehyde emissions standards. What’s better, TORLYS laminate flooring meets or exceeds California’s strict indoor air quality standards (section 01350). They contain no VOCs- volatile organic compounds- that can pollute your indoor air and can cause unhealthy side effects. Lastly, all TORLYS laminate floors sold at Word of Mouth Floors are FloorScore® certified, further adding to the safety of their laminate flooring.

Long-Lasting and Repairable

Finally, TORLYS has an added benefit of repairability. Rather than pulling up your entire flooring simply to fix one plank that may have gotten damaged, with TORLYS Bulldog™ Easy Plank Replacer, you can replace a single damaged plank with ease. TORLYS Bulldog™ Easy Plank Replacer is a unique innovation that is exclusive to the TORLYS brand. And since TORLYS has a warranty of up to 35 years, you can be sure that your flooring will outlast most other laminate flooring brands.

Liking What You See?

Ready to try out TORLYS laminate floors? Visit Word of Mouth Floors showroom in Richmond, BC to see the TORLYS laminate floor products firsthand. We have a full collection of display boards. Touch and feel the product for yourself!


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