Top 3 Reasons to Buy Cheap Laminate Flooring | Vancouver, BC

I don’t love the title of this, as I prefer to say “inexpensive” vs cheap laminate flooring, but hey, it is what many consumers search for, so we want to help you find your ideal, desired floor.

Within Budget

Let’s not over complicate the first reason… it's because you want to keep within your tight budget! That is cool, things are expensive and if you do your homework and find the right supplier, you can keep within a tight budget. It is obvious, but buying cheap laminate floors is frankly to hit a budget range. Laminate flooring is ideal in many locations in Vancouver because it is durable, easy to install, looks good and has very high scratch resistance (if you buy the right AC rating, learn more about AC Ratings here)

Cheap Laminate flooring Reason #2 | Looks Great

There is no reason why cheap laminate flooring can’t look great. I bet if you visit our Richmond showroom you’d struggle to tell the difference between $0.99 per square foot laminate flooring and products at double or triple the price. Sometimes, fashion changes, yes, flooring is fashion for your home… and when fashion trends change, colours change. So the older colours, which could still be the perfect choice for you, because much cheaper. The product someone purchased 1 year ago at top dollar, is now considered cheap laminate flooring… and that is kind of ridiculous when you think about it. Laminate flooring can last 10 years plus (you likely will change it because you want a look long before it would actually fail from a performance standpoint).

Here is an example. This is a $0.99 12mm AC3 product, which is perfect for residential / apartment homeowner in the Greater Vancouver area. One is considered cheap laminate flooring and one is considered premium laminate. Can you tell the difference?

12mm AC4 Laminate Flooring from Word of Mouth Floors in Richmond, BC

12mm Ac3 Laminate Flooring from Word of Mouth Floors in Richmond, BC

Reason #3 to Buy Cheap Laminate Flooring | Durable

No matter what laminate looks like, if the product was manufactured correct, with the right AC rating (AC3 or higher) is is durable. It is perfect for your busy home, your rental property, your basement, your cottage, or any other reason you’d need a cheap priced floor. Honestly the term cheap flooring is not fair, because it is still very good quality and very durable.

Here is an example:

Can you tell the difference between these two products? These are AC4 and very similar looking products. If you have the right supplier you can save a lot of money. And AC4 is an AMAZING floor! Very durable, even for the busiest homes with kids and pets. It is commercially rated. So it is a crime to say this is cheap laminate flooring, it is not, it is very high quality, but, the price is low. Look at these images, can you tell the difference in the colours??

12mm AC4 Laminate flooring from Word of Mouth Floors in Richmond, BC

12mm AC4 laminate flooring from Word of Mouth Floors, Richmond, BC

Both AC4, which is amazingly durable, both attractive grey colours, but oak grain, both top quality locking systems, both 12mm premium thickness ... everything you'd want. But you can argue that $1.59 is cheap laminate flooring vs it's peer at $2.19 or $2.29. When you have a product that is ~30% cheaper, that could be considered cheap. But again, make your own decision based on the visual look and the performance of the specs.





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