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Made in Canada, our extensive collection of 12mm and 14mm AC4 laminate flooring products are ideal for commercial flooring in Metro Vancouver. Our AC4 commercial collection comes from Uniboard. This factory has been around in Canada for decades. They make high-quality products with outstanding reviews and reputation. Every product we have is commercial flooring rated, the AC4 can be used in homes as well, with a 35-year limited residential warranty.

Wide plank 12mm AC4 Laminate Commercial Flooring

Visit the Uniboard website to see their impressive history.

Laminate flooring commercial rating of AC4 on a 12mm thickness can be used for a very, very busy residence, but it's perfect for light and medium level commercial applications. Neighbourhood retail stores with regular foot traffic are the type of commercial flooring example I would give. Offices are another commercial flooring application that an AC4 rating is ideal for. Small commercial meeting room, you get the point. The AC4 rating for commercial flooring has exceptional wear resistance. Laminate does very well against scratches and scruffs. I would not use this in an area where water exposure can be possible. So I do not prefer this type of flooring for coffee shops or restaurants. They are durable enough, but with regular spills and other exposure to moisture, I think you could end up with problems and would void the warranty. Go for luxury vinyl planks, SPC or WPC vinyl for those locations with higher moisture risk.

Commercial flooring AC4 various options available

Why use laminate flooring, specifically 12mm AC4 laminate for commercial flooring applications?

Laminate flooring is the easiest of all flooring to install. The pricing is the best available to solve your commercial flooring needs (yes, you can buy more durable laminate (AC5 and get it in 14mm or 15mm thickness) but that type of laminate costs more. You can find AC4 or AC5 from European manufacturers, who also make great quality, but the price is high due to shipping and import duties. You can buy commercially rated vinyl products, but those cost more than our AC4 laminate options. You can try and find a cheaper imported laminate from China… but it is rare to find AC4 laminate flooring from China. Lots of good options from that country, but almost all are AC3 rated surface, which is perfect for the average home. But for very busy homes or many commercial locations, then you want a Canadian made AC4 product.

Word of Mouth Floors – Commercial Flooring Options

Dozens of color and style options in AC4 rating are available. Priced as low as $1.29 per square foot (Canadian dollars) it seems hard to believe. Wide plank, narrow plank, dark colours, light colours, smooth and textured surfaces. The pricing is lower than most AC3 products available in the market, and, for a made in Canada product, it is an amazing value. Due to our warehouse showroom, our costs are extremely low and our prices reflect that. Drop by our Richmond location for a tour, or connect on social media / reach out to us.

Premium 14mm thick laminate, AC4 commercial flooring

Commercial flooring from Word of Mouth Floors, options are numerous





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