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Updated: May 25

Hollywood collection sell sheet

6 things to know, and why they really matter in your buying decision:

All of these features have an impact on price and product performance.

Waterproof : Rigid core SPC

SPC floors, the core is comprised of natural limestone powder, polyvinyl chloride, and stabilizers and they are 100% waterproof. All SPC Vinyl floors meet these criteria… it is a key reason to consider investing in an SPC Vinyl flooring product.

Thickness :

durable and easier to install. For instance, a 5mm SPC core is superior to a 4mm SPC core. So you will pay more for a thicker core. Big Box retailers sell 3mm to 4mm thickness to try and keep their costs lower. We have no problem with thinner core, but, a thicker core is better. It is heavier, denser, easier to click together, and ultimately more resistant to damage and impact damage (if you accidentally drop an item on it). A thicker core also reduces sound transfer.

A 5mm core is usually worth 10% to 15% more than a 4mm core. The cost is directly associated with the raw material used in the core.

Underpad Attached: IXPE

When buying SPC you have 3 options: (i) no pad attached, (ii) EVA pad attached, (iii) IXPE pad attached. Of the three choices, IXPE is the best. The EVA is a cheaper option, so many sellers use EVA to keep the price down. This product is fine and serves its purpose, but the IXPE is superior for stability, superior sound transfer (it is quieter) and it is more environmentally friendly. The IXPE adds about $0.10 per sqft to the product's price, but it is worth it.

Wear layer: Sparta Shield Certified 0.5mm wear layer

80% of vinyl floors in BC have 0.3mm wear layer or less. The 0.3mm thickness of the wear layer (also referred to as a 12mil) is appropriate for residential applications. But if you have a commercial application or have concerns for the traffic levels in your residence (large dogs, very active aggressive children playing, etc) then 0.5mm is a great solution. The extra durability you get from a 0.5mm thick wear layer (also called 20mil) is worth the extra investment. It is a feature that adds to the amazing collection of features already present in the Hollywood SPC Vinyl series of products.

Sparta Shield Certified Vinyl products always have at least a 0.5mm (20mil) wear layer. Look for this logo… it is a sign to know you are purchasing an extra durable floor.

Remember, mm and mil are not different measurements, they are the same measurement described differently (one is metric, one is imperial). 12mil is identical to 0.3mm. And 20mil is identical to 0.5mm

mm (millimeter)

mil (one thousandth of an inch)

More details on the wear layer. One of the largest companies in our industry, Shaw, says this about vinyl wear layers:

the wear layer helps your floor last longer. Made of clear PVC film and applied to the top of the photographic layer, the wear layer adds an extra boost of durability and extends the life of your resilient flooring.

The thickness of the wear layer is measured in mils, and wear layers are typically 6, 12 or 20 mils thick. As you may have guessed, the thicker the wear layer, the tougher the flooring will be. In fact, the 20-mil thickness can even stand up to commercial settings. If you’re choosing flooring for a high-traffic entryway into your home, go with the middle or higher wear layer. If your room in question isn’t likely to see much action in terms of foot traffic, a lesser thickness will work just fine.

So in the above, 12 mils is the same as 0.3mm and 20 mils is the same as 0.5mm. So the Hollywood Collection is 20 mils … the highest rated and thickest, toughest wear layer.

To recap vinyl flooring wear layer:

the thicker the wear layer, the more durable the floor. If you have a space that will need a high resistance to scratches and wear, a higher wear layer, such as a 12 mil or 20 mil, would be best for your application. Commercial vinyl flooring applications will usually require a 20 mil top layer (0.5mm).

Almost every professional I have ever spoken to on this topic says something like this:

‘If durability is your main concern I recommend going for 0.5mm (20mil) and above which is the standard for commercial grade use. That’s not to say a thinner wear layer is totally unacceptable, this is just the minimum I personally recommend for lasting durability. That said, I usually do not recommend purchasing flooring with any less than 0.3mm overall wear layer thickness. Always look for something that is either 0.3mm or up to 0.5mm.’

We spent a lot of time focused on wear layer, as it is a key feature that you need to factor into your buying decision if durability is a concern.

Stability in SPC Vinyl Floors:

SPC floors can both be installed in any room with moisture exposure and temperature fluctuations. But when it comes to extreme temperature changes, SPC flooring tends to offer superior performance. The denser core of SPC floors makes them even more resistant to expanding and contracting.

It is fair to say that 5mm is more stable than 4mm SPC… but in general, all SPC products are stable. SPC is dense, stable and great to work with, regardless of the thickness of the core.

Visual Design of the Hollywood SPC Vinyl Collection

It may seem obvious, but the look of the product is vital. Finding a high quality film supplier that has beautiful visual looks and less repeating patterns (due to the size of materials and the manufacturing process) is important. The pixel level and the detail is key to making your vinyl flooring look realistic, like a real wood floor. We want the natural beauty of wood with the easy to install, waterproof durability of SPC vinyl. The Hollywood Collection has great colours that make this a very popular and top selling line in BC.

Here are the 4 product videos for the four colours int he Hollywood SPC 6.6mm Vinyl Collections:





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