Laminate Flooring | Showroom Video of Display Boards

To see our laminate flooring products Huge selection for you to see.

Here is a little video giving you a view of the numerous laminate display boards we have. Products are AC3 and AC4, great for busy residential applications and also commercial projects. Laminate flooring is awesome for homes with large pets, as it can protect against dogs scratching the floors. Or aggressive children playing. Excellent for rental properties because of its durability and low price point.

The product has changed over the years, we see higher quality than 25 years ago, and the visual looks are really attractive. Many visual styles available, to look like real wood. The surface texture even feels like real wood. DIY customers love this for price point and attractive looks and professional contractors love laminate flooring for its speed of installation.

We have samples available for delivery to any location in BC (Greater Vancouver, Fraser Valley, Vancouver Island, Kelowna and all of Interior of BC). Please call or email us for support. Would love to connect with you and help you with your laminate flooring needs (or vinyl, engineered hardwood, tile, etc).

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