5 Best ways to Shop for Vancouver Flooring

Let’s help the population of this amazing city and the Lower Mainland, in general, find their new floors. Such a wonderful place to live. Finding affordable Vancouver flooring, in this amazing city, can be difficult. Here are 5 easy to follow suggestions to help you with your floor buying journey.

Vancouver flooring: tips to buy flooring in Metro Vancouver

(1) Vancouver Flooring Tip # 1: Do your selection research online first. You should be able to see three things with your online research. First, the type of products a store will offer. Understand your options before visiting the showroom. Research Social media profiles of sellers. Facebook, Instagram. See what their customers are saying.

(2) Vancouver Flooring Tip # 2: Do your pricing research online. A seller that does not list their prices online should trigger the question: why?? What are they hiding?

(3) Vancouver Flooring Tip # 3: Narrow done your options. Outside of colour and budget, what else do you want to see? Which room(s) is this for? Do you need Waterproof characteristics? Do you need water-resistant? Read articles like this to help. Do you want a smooth surface or handscraped / wire brush surface? Do you need very durable, or is this for adult living? Do you have pets? Explore your options online first, read product specs and then visit a showroom to touch and feel it and speak with a professional sales associate to help you decide.

(4) Vancouver Flooring Tip # 4: Assuming you have decided on a hard surface floor, is having real wood important to you? Or is the visual appearance of wood fine? Vinyl, laminate, ceramic & porcelain tile can all be made to look almost exactly like real wood. Or, do you prefer to have real wood, like solid hardwood or engineered hardwood flooring?

(5) Vancouver Flooring Tip # 5: Online sellers vs visiting a showroom. I have seen both work very well. The issue I have is the best online sellers (like BuildDirect, Cali Bamboo and Floor & Décor) are all in the USA and sell in US dollars. The shipping to Vancouver, Richmond, Surrey, Coquitlam, etc are too expensive. The other issue is they also have many duties and tariffs associated with that country, imports coming directly into Canada often are more favourable. I would focus on buying local to save money and still get great quality and great selection. The Vancouver floor buyer has so many options. We hope you include Word of Mouth Floors in your research and if you need hard surfaces flooring (laminate, vinyl, engineered hardwood) we feel we can’t be beat for price, quality, educated sales team, friendliness… all with an amazing selection and easy to visit showroom (North East part of Richmond BC... we are less than 20 minutes from a huge amount of Metro Vancouver). Seriously, North East Richmond, right below the Knight street bridge, is super easy to get to. Right near the huge Ikea out here. It is 14 minutes from Metrotown. 18 minutes from Vancouver City Hall. 13 minutes from Oakridge Mall. 13 minutes from Annacis Island, Delta. 18 minutes from Moody Park, New Westminster. 17 minutes from UBC. Heck, I got to North Vancouver in 29 minutes. You get the point. We are closer than you think. Well worth the short drive to check us out.

Central location - 20 minutes from everything - Closer than you think

That said, we want you to find the floor that is best for you. If you want suggestions on other very good sellers of Vancouver flooring (and forgive the term Vancouver flooring, I use that to mean all of the Metro Vancouver region) then check out this blog post of the Best Flooring Stores in Metro Vancouver.





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