Vinyl Flooring Delivery in Vancouver BC

Vancouver vinyl flooring delivery photo blog. In beautiful Coquitlam BC, we completed delivery for a rental property owner doing renovations in multiple units. Low rise building with dozens of units, and over time the units get new flooring. The luxury SPC vinyl flooring product is ideal for rental units... durable, waterproof, and nice to look at.

Using DS Delivery Services (a locally owned trucking / delivery company servicing Greater Vancouver / Whistler / Fraser Valley BC). So, along with DS Delivery the combined effort with Word of Mouth Floors (read: the lovely and fit Cody Smith) they moved ~25,000lbs of vinyl flooring! Yes, two men and a whole bunch of vinyl. A large portion of which was delivered and stacked by hand. Wow!

A repeat customer made the purchase of 10 pallets of vinyl flooring. It is common to have multi unit property owners buy in bulk and store the product themselves and drawdown as units are ready for renovation. We, of course, love this type of business.

When viewing the products in the photos, note that each box weighs in the 45lb to 50lb range. Each pallet you see is 50 boxes. So that is close to ~2,300lbs per pallet.

The color purchased was from our Hollywood Vinyl flooring collection, the colour was: Clooney. Check out a video on Clooney and the Hollywood DPC Vinyl collection, see:

Here are photos of the delivery. Wow, the boys worked hard on this one!

The first couple of pallets delivered. Multiple trips needed due to the weight in the truck.

The stacks keep getting bigger! 20 boxes stacked high. Wow, that is a lot of vinyl flooring!

All finished, pallet jack has been put to rest, empty truck. Beer time!!

This was a great day and very happy to have the business. Small or large, we have lots of experience helping all types of customers. Deliveries are available all over BC. We have other delivery partners to service Vancouver Island, Interior, all over BC. For DS Delivery Services, they can also help with multiple BC locations, but most runs are in the Vancouver, Richmond, Langley, Coquitlam, Burnaby, Surrey, Abbotsford, Whistler type areas. Send us a note and let us know where your project is and we can certainly help.





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