Buy Local | Owned by Locals, Run by Locals (established 2019)

Buy Local | Owned by Locals, Run by Locals (established 2019)

Proudly local, let's get to know the Word of Mouth Floors team!

Ok, so here is the deal… we are a small team of 5 people and two dogs, so this may be a short post. Haha!

Word of Mouth Floors Richmond BC, Greater Vancouver Flooring and across BC

Word of Mouth Floors (WOM) has been in business since end of summer 2019. We are new to the Word of Mouth Floors name (WOM), but, have decades of experience in the flooring industry. You can be confident that we know hard surface flooring products (like vinyl, laminate, engineered hardwood flooring) extremely well and we can help you on your buying journey. We have two super powers: relationships with our customers, it’s the most important reason we come to work each day. We are passionate about superior customer experience, and having fun. You can enjoy yourself and find the best deal in flooring at the same time! Or second superpower is our sourcing abilities. The team has arguably the best sourcing experience in Canada, and that translates into amazing products at unbeatable value for you. Let’s meet the team!

The Founders = James and Rob

Word of Mouth Floors Richmond BC, Greater Vancouver Flooring and across BC

James is a long time Vancouver resident. Lives in Yaletown with his girlfriend and beautiful new born baby girl. James is from small town Manitoba (born in Neepawa, population ~4,000), but this was too big of a town for his family, so they moved to Waldersee, MB... population 6. We are fortunate James decided to head West (horse and carriage) and we cleaned him up so he no longer smells like cow dung. James is a talented entrepreneur that has experience founding not only Word of Mouth Floors, but another Vancouver start up called FreeSpace. No one builds teams and company culture better than James, hence why he is President of WOM.

Rob is born in Vancouver (yes, I am actually from here! Born and raised! Actually born in the old Grace hospital, which as of 1994 became known as BC Women’s Hospital). 

Rob was the co-founder and helped run Vancouver based BuildDirect for 19 years. At BuildDirect, Rob and James were key leaders that oversaw almost $1,000,000,000 of flooring sales (yes, that is Billion with a B). So, it is fair to say these two have seen a lot in the North American flooring industry. In fact, all 5 of the leaders at Word of Mouth Floors had successful parts of their careers at BuildDirect. Rob is a BCIT Grad in Finance, sits on several local Advisory Boards, loves being a part of the BC Tech scene. He has been to Asia over 100 times and Europe over 100 times... with a passion for sourcing amazing flooring products. He is a BCIT grad, lives in Steveston BC with his awesome wife and two amazing children.

Cody is the young buck of the group, born in North Van (he thinks... we have sent a note to his Mom and we are awaiting confirmation). Cody is born and raised in BC, lives downtown, went to BCIT for business management and professional sales and was a territory manager at another firm before we convinced him to join our rag tag group. Avid fitness nut, and a love of the outdoors / riding motorcycles has seen him visit almost every corner of BC. Cody has extensive knowledge about building materials industry, at a young age already has numerous years of sales manager experience, and like James, has a gift for creating amazing relationships with Builders, Designers, Contractors and DIY alike.

Word of Mouth Floors Richmond BC, Greater Vancouver Flooring and across BC

Jill – she is the smart one, runs our full marketing strategy. Jill was born in Vancouver, raised in Burnaby and lives on Commercial Drive. Can’t get any more Vancouverite than that! Jill is a well known, executive level, highly talented digital marketing specialist (I prefer 'Digital Marketing Legend'!) in the Vancouver area. Jill works part time with WOM and manages a large portfolio of other cool, exciting BC based companies.


Trevor is the newest addition to the team as warehouse manager and logistics coordinator. Trevor was the warehouse manager at BuildDirect for many years handling huge volumes of flooring pallets and samples. We could not find a better addition to the team! Trevor is a professional drummer and runs a side business doing dog therapy. We have been shocked at how well his therapy works on James!

Hardy the Pitbull. Hardy is a beautiful beast that is super friendly, enjoys naps on our storefront couch, and licking young children.


Polar the Alaska rescue dog. Loves licking the warehouse floor and politely requesting belly rubs.

Word of Mouth Floors Richmond BC, Greater Vancouver Flooring and across BC

It is important to us that we are super approachable and easy to talk too. All of us have extensive business experience and passionate about BC, flooring and tech industries. It helps us deliver a unique experience, allowing our customers to engage in person (walking our Richmond BC showroom) or engage with us online, through our social channels and our ecommerce website.

We have a vast social media presence… we love to show happy customers picking up flooring after they gave us their hard earned money. We believe in helping you get comfortable seeing us in our environment on video so you know what you are getting involved with ... it isn’t fair to show up and see stunningly good looking people without being given a heads up :)


Please drop by and say hello, check out our extensive and extremely well priced hard surface flooring collection online or in showroom. Our largest focus is on SPC Vinyl Waterproof flooring, laminate floors, engineered hardwood floorings and we have some nice ceramic & porcelain tile as well (plus stone, mosaics, etc). We have various types of underlayment for all your floating floor installations, sound proofing needs, along with a huge selection of matched moulding accessories to professionally finish off any project.

We do not do installations ourselves, but we have many high quality contractor partners that can install for both smaller DIY jobs, all the way up to larger scale commercial projects. We have a delivery network of highly professional drivers that can offer deliveries to Northern BC, all over the Lower Mainland, Fraser Valley, and very competitive deliveries to Vancouver Island.

See you soon! Word of Mouth Floors, BC’s best kept secret in flooring. Showroom on Bridgeport Road in Richmond, BC.