COREtec Plus Luxury Vinyl Plank: A Vinyl Flooring Option with Form and Function

COREtec Plus Luxury Vinyl Plank: A Vinyl Flooring Option with Form and Function

COREtec Plus: What is it?

COREtec plus is the perfect mix of form and function. It is a luxurious vinyl plank or tile that looks practically indistinguishable from a real hardwood or stone. It is made to look and feel authentic and designed to last in spaces with higher levels of moisture like basements, kitchens, and bathrooms. It looks and feels so real, in fact, that many of our customers take one look at it and think that it is an authentic hardwood flooring- that’s how real it looks!


COREtec Plus comes in luxury vinyl planks or luxury vinyl tile. The vinyl plank option looks exactly like an authentic hardwood, while being a more affordable, waterproof option. The vinyl tile option mimics real, natural stone or concrete.


Either option gives you individual planks with micro beveled edges and realistic grain and texture. COREtec Plus vinyl flooring differs from plank to plank to give it the look of an authentic, random hardwood flooring.


COREtec Plus also gives you a high end look and provides the perfect solution if you are looking for an authentic looking and feeling hardwood without having to worry about water getting to it. This product solves many challenges associated with a true hardwood so that you, as the homeowner, don’t need to compromise style for function.


Beyond that, COREtec Plus is super easy to clean and maintain. This luxury vinyl is meant to be waterproof, petproof, kidproof, and lifeproof, because real life is not clean. To wash, simply sweep up excess debris, then mop as usual with a pH-neutral floor cleaner. Try to avoid products with polish or detergent.


COREtec Plus Vinyl Flooring and Sustainability

COREtec Plus flooring is made with you and the environment in mind when producing their luxury vinyl plank flooring.


COREtec Plus designs products and solutions to help you make better choices - for people and planet. Today, people are conscious about making smart choices and having a positive impact on the planet.


For more than two decades, COREtec and Shaw have been committed to sustainable practices. Their residential brands design products that support overall wellness and clean, healthy homes. Designing with people and the planet in mind enables them to meet the needs of today’s varied lifestyles.


COREtec Floors supports the goal of a clean and healthy home. Their products provide tailored solutions to address your needs by focusing on five important attributes: material, moisture, sound, air, and clean.



Construction of COREtec Plus Vinyl Flooring

COREtec Plus is a rigid luxury vinyl made with 3 layers that are visible to the naked eye, and one that you cannot see. The wear layer is at the top, and it is invisible to the naked eye. This ensures that you can see through to the more visually appealing luxury vinyl layer. The wear layer is a 0.5mm layer that protects against excessive wear, which also makes your vinyl flooring easier to clean.


The second layer of your COREtec Plus luxury vinyl plank is the actual luxury vinyl- mentioned above. This layer is designed to look and feel like real hardwood, utilizing colour, graining, and texture.


The third layer is your core layer. It is made from recycled limestone, wood and bamboo dust. The middle layer of COREtec Plus luxury vinyl flooring is 100% waterproof, so it won’t warp or buckle. It makes your flooring super easy to install, with a secure angle tap system.


Installation of COREtec Plus Vinyl Flooring

COREtec plus is great because it is a floating flooring, similar to laminate. That means that it is a DIY friendly installation. So long as you feel confident installing a click together, floating laminate, you should be able to install these floors as well. It is secured in your room under your baseboard. Because it is a floating floor, it is versatile in where it can be installed.


COREtec Plus can even be installed over concrete, and any mirror flooring discrepancies are not a cause for worry with these floors. There is very minimal prep work involved in the installation of these floors. As apposed to a glue down vinyl, COREtec Plus does not require smoothing. COREtec plus is also thicker and more rigid that glue down vinyl, it will hide any minor imperfections in your subfloor. But if you are really worried about any minor imperfections being seen, you can also invest in a good underlay.


COREtec Plus can be installed below grade (such as basements), on grade (such as the ground floor), and on upper levels as well, making it a very versatile product.


Because COREtec plus is floating, you can install it any desired direction. It can be installed straight or diagonal and is not dependent on your home’s joist direction. IN terms of aesthetics, installation is usually installed following the longest length of the room rather than the shortest because it makes your room look significantly larger.


If you are looking for a video that goes over installing this floor at home, this video is a great resource for you:


What are the Advantages of COREtec Plus Over Laminate?

  • Most laminate floors today are fairly realistic and authentic looking; however none may be as realistic looking as COREtec Plus.
  • Some laminate floors have one plank with the picture of many smaller planks printed on it, whereas COREtec plus is individual planks.
  • COREtec Plus is waterproof, whereas laminate warps with any type of moisture.
  • COREtec Plus is less noisy than laminate.
  • COREtec Plus is more durable than laminate.
  • COREtec Plus lasts far longer than laminate.


What are the Advantages of COREtec Plus Over Engineered Hardwood?

  • COREtec Plus is more durable, holds up better to scratches.
  • COREtec Plus requires less maintenance than a true engineered hardwood.
  • COREtec Plus is waterproof and moisture proof.
  • COREtec Plus costs less than engineered hardwood.
  • COREtec Plus is less noisy than engineered hardwood.
  • Doesn’t require acclimation (so you can install it faster)


Sub-lines of COREtec Plus

COREtec Plus

This the original product. It comes in 5” and 7” plank widths that are 4 feet in length. There are also options available in tile that are either 12″ x 24″ or 18.5″ x 24″.


COREtec Plus XL

This collection is a newer, upgraded option in the COREtec Plus lineup. This collection had extra wide planks (9”) and extra are extra long (6 feet), hence the name “XL”. This collection feature some stunning wire brush styles for a reclaimed, rustic look.


COREtec Plus HD

This collection earns its High Definition status by utilizing Embossed In Register (EIR) technology. EIR means that the grain that you can see in the finish of the plank is mimicked in the texture of the floor. It also features an enhanced, 4 sided painted bevel for a realistic visual unlike any other LVP or WPC floor on the market today. The planks are 7” wide and 6 feet long, and this collections is slightly thicker than the original collection.


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