Extra long, Extra wide Engineered Hardwood Floor Video

Extra long, Extra wide Engineered Hardwood Floor Video

Short product video from Word of Mouth Floors in BC Canada showing an extra long (approx 7') and extra wide (~9.5" width) engineeered hardwood floor. We have all ranges of hardwood from standard 6' random length all the way up to 10 footers! Come in to the showroom and see it for yourself. Amazing. We have the best selection, top brands and price point options. No one sources as well as Word of Mouth Floors, and we promise, we have the friendliest team to help you find exactly what you need. Word of Mouth Floors in Richmond BC and North Vancouver, BC Canada. 604-370-8769 or hello@wordofmouthfloors.com or visit www.WordofMouthFloors.com

Our selection of engineered hardwood flooring includes top brands like Biyork, Pravada, Torlys, Craft, GoodFellow, Vidar, Shaw, Eckowood, Kentwood, TwelveOaks flooring.

Key elements to look for in shopping for engineered hardwood flooring... these can help you decide on which product is your dream floor for your space:

Width of Engineered Hardwood Flooring

The width of the engineered hardwood floors in the industry tend to be 5" to 10" in width. The most common width in Vancouver over the past few years is 7.5" wide. Historically 5" was considered wide... now we usually say 7" is the start of 'wide' floors... and 8" or wider is extra wide. The 8.5" to 9.5" widths are amazing, but consider the size of your room. The really wide floors will also usually have longer lengths. So the planks are massive, which in a big space is incredible. In a small room (ie: 10' x 10') I tend to suggest a narrower profile. Use our room visualizer (available on the home page) to see how wide and narrow planks look in your space. Take a photo of your extra room and upload it (for free) to see the visual.


Length of Engineered Hardwood Flooring

As mentioned above, the wider the floor it usually means the longer the floor. Avoid buying a wide plank with short lengths. This makes the floor look odd in our opinion, you want long flowing lines and short and wide does not feel like a nature wood floor. Tile is short and wide... real hardwood tends to be narrower and longer. So ask you flooring dealer / retailer about the length, and there AVERAGE length. It should have lots of long pieces if you are paying premium for length. One of the knocks on premium floors made in canada (which I love, but this is a criticism) that they have lots of 'shorts'. This makes the installed floor look busier and less flow. Love for an average length of lover 4 feet to ensure a flowing floor. A 4' foot average would mean ~60% (or more) or each box is full length 6 footer. If you get 8 planks in a box and only 1 or 2 is full length, then factory this into your buying decision.