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Hardwood Floor Textures: What Are the Most Popular?

There are many different styles and textures of hardwood floors. With a variety of textured hardwoods to choose from, everyone can find the right hardwood for their home. How do hardwood floors differ in texture? What are the best ones? Listed below are four of the most popular hardwood floor textures. We will also explain what makes them popular and where they can be best installed.

Handscraped Texture Wood Flooring

Hand-scraped wood flooring is created using hand scrapers, draw knives, and chisels, which adds more definition and texture to a standard hardwood floor. To seal and finish the wood, hand scraping is first done, followed by lacquer or oil. Handscraped wood textures look unique and add character to any room. This gives the wood a distressed, antique look, which is very popular.

Best Areas to Install Hand Scrape Wood Flooring

It’s a great choice for rooms where dings and scratches don’t matter. Additional scratches and dents add more character to it, which already looks distressed. The beauty of hand-scraped wood enables it to work anywhere, but it is particularly well suited for kids' playrooms, mudrooms, living rooms, and more. The antique look of the wood makes it ideal for historical homes and buildings.

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Wirebrushed Texture Wood Flooring

Similar to hand scraping, wire brushing involves manufacturers scraping the surface of the wood with a steel wire brush. As a result of wire brushing, grains are removed from the wood, revealing the heart. To emphasize the distinctive wire-brushed texture, wire-brushed wood is typically left with a matte finish (instead of glossy). When hardwood is wire brushed, it appears weathered and reclaimed. In the same way that hand-scraped wood hides scratches and damage, wire-brushed wood does the same. Furthermore, wire-brushed hardwood has an excellent grip, which makes it an excellent anti-slip material.

Best Areas to Install Wirebrushed Wood Flooring

Wirebrushed floors look great in a farmhouse or rustic designs because of their weathered appearance. Aside from being anti-slip, their surface is perfect for kitchens, living rooms, and other areas where foot traffic is heavy.

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Distressed Texture Wood Flooring

Distressing wood can be done in a variety of ways. Each manufacturer uses a unique process for creating a distressed appearance, such as hammering and scraping or using chemicals. Distressed wood generally has a less predictable look than hand scraping and wire brushing. The grain, color, cracks, and texture of a plank can vary dramatically from one to another. 

In the same way that wire-brushed wood gives hardwood floors an antique and rustic look, distressed wood does the same. Since distressed wood reacts differently to distressing techniques, each plank is also truly unique. A popular DIY technique is distressing, which also contributes to the popularity of this texture.

Best Areas to Install Distressed Wood Flooring

You can use distressed wood anywhere you would use wire-brushed wood. With the right eye for design, it can look great in any home, especially rustic or farmhouse interiors.

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Smooth Texture Wood Flooring

In contrast to textured floors, this floor is relatively smooth. During the smoothing process, the planks are sanded down to provide a perfectly smooth surface. There are no bevels, brushings, or added textures of any kind on the texture. 

A smooth floor is popular among people who prefer a uniform appearance. Dust traps are also an important factor for homeowners who want to avoid them. Sweeping a smooth floor is easy, and dirt and grime never get trapped in the wood's texture.

Best Areas to Install Smooth Wood Flooring

In any room, smooth textures look great because they aren't restricted to any particular design aesthetic. Bedrooms and areas with a lot of foot traffic are ideal for these flooring options since they don't trap dirt. In addition, smooth textures are excellent for baby's nurseries, since babies occupy the floor a great deal.

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With Word of Mouth Floors, you can choose from a variety of hardwood flooring textures

The quality of your hardwood floor will depend on which supplier and manufacturer you choose, since not all hardwood is equal. The high-quality textured hardwood we offer at Word of Mouth Floors is known for its extensive selection. We can give you that textured look you want, at a price point you can afford, whether you want natural hardwood or alternatives like luxury vinyl, engineered hardwood, or laminate.

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