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We have had dryback and looselay vinyl products in our industry for years, but they usually are only used by professionals as they require adhesive / gluedown installation and the click lock market is so much easier for the home DIY customer to understand. But this looselay vinyl product launch is perfect for home renovations, rental properties, and it is very easy to install once you properly prepare your subfloor.

Looselay vinyl floor no click vinyl flooring Word of Mouth Floors Richmond BC Canada

LooseLay 5mm Luxury Vinyl flooring, waterproof, and easy to install. It comes 7.5" wide and 48" long and available in four colours: Cinder, Oyster, Golden and Charcoal.

Here is a video of the 4 colours side by side:

The surface is extra durable with a 0.5mm wear layer (also called: 20mil) and that has a lifetime residential warranty and a 10 year commercial warranty. The product also has a fiberglass mesh sheet in the core that give it extra stability. So many professional installers have been using this product for years, it makes sense for the DIY consumer to consider them as well. Ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms (any place potentially wet and you require waterproof flooring) but it is equally at home in living rooms, bedrooms, playrooms, basements. It is durable and pet friendly. Your kids will love it, it has a nice texture to it and holds some warmth vs a laminate floor.

LooseLay means just that... the plank has extra weight to it so the weight of the product uses gravity and friction to keep the flooring planks secure. The under surface has a gripping texture to it, and the positive pressure from each side (from the other planks) keeps it in place. The trick is to secure the outside rows in each room, and also in any doorways / threseholds. Think of a picture frame. Each area for installation has its secured frame on all 4 sides. I know many pro installers that will roll some extra pressure sensitive adhesive around the room to give the product added security. But that is not required, just what I have seen some people smarter about installations than me, do.

Looselay vinyl floor no click vinyl flooring Word of Mouth Floors Richmond BC Canada

These new products are beautiful, look at these four room scenes and a collection of product shoots. Colours of the Vancouver Vinyl Flooring 5mm LooseLay Luxury Vinyl plank collection are: Oyster, Cinder, Golden and Charcoal.

Looselay vinyl floor no click vinyl flooring Word of Mouth Floors Richmond BC Canada

We are really happy with the soft, warm colours in this collection. All of them on trend with input from our many designer friends. We think this range has something that everyone would love in their project.

Looselay vinyl floor no click vinyl flooring Word of Mouth Floors Richmond BC Canada

We would love to have you come into the showroom (located at 11240 Bridgeport Road in Richmond, BC Canada). Or look around our website and order some samples, email us, or give us a call at 604-370-8769. We service all flooring buyers in British Columbia, DIY, professional installers, contractors, designers, builders. We have decades of experience int he industry and we have a massive selection of waterproof vinyl flooring products from SPC to dryback and looselay. We also have laminate, engineered hardwood and tile flooring for you to consider. We offer flooring installation and if you decide to do it yourself, we can offer up some floor install tips. Come by the shop and we'd love to help you out.

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