porcelain paver 2cm from Word of Mouth Floors Richmond BC

Porcelain Pavers Perfect for Your Landscape Project

Excited to launch porcelain pavers at Word of Mouth Floors!

Porcelain pavers are incredibly popular now, they offer so much flexibility over stone, and they look fabulous!

Why porcelain pavers? Top reasons to choose porcelain versus stone are numerous. This is not to say we don't like real stone pavers (I have some of them at my home) but porcelain pavers just have so many different advantages. Top reasons to consider a 2cm porcelain paver:


Frost resistant
PEI Class 5 Rating: Heavy to extra heavy traffic. All residential and heavy commercial foot traffic.

Consistent Look

Porcelain takes natural materials but they are manufactured to look consistent. Natural stone has the beauty of nature, which means you can have large colour variations. Porcelain is manufactured to look the same tile to tile, paver to paver.

Ideal for Outdoor

Porcelain pavers that are 2cm thick are frost resistant, fade resistant (will not fade in sunlight). The porcelain pavers are wear resistant and Mould resistant. You can feel confident they will continue to look great in your location.

Slip resistant

Most porcelain pavers are sold with a surface that has anti slip properties. So in a wet location (like Vancouver) you won't slip in the rain. Porcelain tile is highly impervious to water, and 2cm porcelain pavers are equally impervious to water.
porcelain paver 2cm outdoor landscape paver from Word of Mouth Floors Richmond BC

Easy to Install

Porcelain pavers are easy to install and the finished product looks amazing. These pavers can be laid dry on sand, grass, or gravel, or they can be laid on concrete with adhesive, as you would a traditional porcelain tile. Another alternative is to lay them using adjustable, raised supports with open joints allowing for drainage. Speak with your trusted landscape professional for installation suggestions. 
Porcelain pavers 2cm outdoor landscape pavers

This current product launch on our website is from our Memphis series, the 24”x24”x2cm (600x600x20mm) in Silver colour. The Memphis Silver paver is for internal and external use.  Porcelain pavers are twice the thickness of most porcelain tiles your use in your house, so this is ideal for outdoor setting in BC. All the benefits of a regular porcelain tile, plus added features. Memphis Silver Porcelain Pavers are the ideal paving solution as they will not stain or fade. This product requires no treatment. 

porcelain paver 2cm outdoor landscape paver


Call Word of Mouth Floors for your landscape porcelain paver needs. 

Matching tile and steps available, to add to the beauty for your indoor / outdoor spaces. Please call for inquiry with Word of Mouth for options
Other colours available in our porcelain paver series
porcelain paver 2cm outdoor landscape paver
Porcelain pavers in the Memphis series are sold in 24” x 24” sized tiles, so when quoting, use number divisible by 4 square feet. This product is very popular, contact us for lead-times available for any paver product. Call us 604-370-8769 or visit our Richmond, BC showroom.