Pravada Flooring Brand, Laminate, Engineered hardwood, SPC Vinyl floor

Pravada Floors | Why You Should Be Excited About This Flooring Brand

Pravada Floors

Your favourite Flooring retailer in BC - Word of Mouth Floors, this year has launched a new floor line called Pravada Floors. We have started selling a variety of Pravada floor collections, which include the Pravada engineered hardwood flooring collections, laminate flooring, and SPC vinyl floors.

Pravada Flooring Brand, Laminate, Engineered hardwood, SPC Vinyl floor

There are countless reasons for anyone to be excited about Pravada Floors being launched at Word of Mouth showroom in Richmond BC. The main reasons include;

Unmatched focus on high end flooring design

Pravada Floors boasts of a world class craftsmanship. Pravada floors have been made with an unmatched commitment to quality coupled with passion for high end design.

In fact, Pravada floors are known throughout North America for their quality. To protect the integrity of the floors and the brand, sales are done through authorized vendors only. Pravada floors have been around for over a decade (since 2006).

The brand’s goal is to offer high-quality flooring that is timeless (never gets out of style). The floors have been designed with all aspects of high-end flooring in mind, from durability to wearability and stability.

Pravada Flooring Brand, Laminate, Engineered hardwood, SPC Vinyl floor

Engineered hardwood Pravada floors

have a highly resistant top coating that offers unmatched durability. They also feature a solid hardwood layer and a substrate layer for stability.

Pravada laminate floors

have been designed with multiple layers. The topmost part of the floor features a finish that is resistant to scratches, wear, and impact. Underneath the topmost layer is a decorative HD print indistinguishable from real wood. The laminate floor also features a stability core and balancing layer for enhancing structural stability and offering other benefits like moisture resistance.

Pravada Flooring Brand, Laminate, Engineered hardwood, SPC Vinyl floor

Pravada SPC vinyl flooring

is also unmatched in regards to design thanks to its high UV-resistant protective upper layer and enhanced wear layer beyond the top layer (to increase durability and scratch resistance against). The floor has also been designed with a high-density limestone composite core to boost stability and give the floor indentation resistance. Pravada SPC vinyl flooring also looks more natural thanks to a high-quality vinyl decorative prong and fewer pattern repeats. The flooring has also been designed with a foam underlayment to boost sound absorption.


Amazing visuals

You should also be excited about Pravada flooring for the amazing visuals. The floors are classified into four main grades (namely; A, B, C & D wood-appearance ratings) that satisfy the most unique visual flooring preferences imaginable. Engineered hardwood flooring from Pravada include a blend of these four hardwood grades:

Grade A Pravada floors

don’t have knots, sapwood, or fill. If you select this grade, you can go for clear white oak boards or a mixture of grain types (flat, rift sawn, quarter sawn, varied or straight grain).

Grade B floors

feature small tight knots; however, they don’t have large knots and fill. The grade also allows heartwood mix and sapwood. Grade B flooring has greater colour variations as well as grain direction changes/anomalies.

Grade C Pravada floors

have minor fills and small knots. This grade comes with all types of grains, grain changes, sapwood/heartwood mixes, solid knots as well as greater color variety.

Grade D Pravada floors

are a perfect choice for individuals looking for a cabin grade or rustic floor. This grade is specifically designed to show natural beauty. If you want a floor grade that shows the natural beauty of white oak tree, look no further.

Pravada Flooring Brand, Laminate, Engineered hardwood, SPC Vinyl floor

Floor Type Finishes

Wood appearance rating aside, Pravada floors come with the highest quality finishes that enhance the visuals to unmatched levels. Pravada utilises three main finishes namely UV oil, UV lacquer, and Hardwax.

UV Lacquer is a low gloss finish that offers a smooth look and other benefits such as low day-to-day maintenance.

If you are interested in a rich matte look, UV oil is highly recommended. This finish minimises light reflection lessening the visibility of floor imperfections like scratches.

Hardwax emphasises natural wood texture making the finish perfect for a natural wood look.

For a combination of amazing visuals and other notable benefits, Pravada flooring can come with an exclusive finish (Endura finish) that comes with aluminum oxide & polyurethane coating for ultra-violet resistance and strong resistance to dirt stains, water, and wear from high traffic.

Sustainable floors

Pravada Floors aren't just any other flooring brand. The flooring has been made ensuring all products meet the highest environmental quality control standards in North America. When you buy Pravada products you can rest assured you are buying a brand that cares about environmental sustainability.

The Pravada approach is simple yet effective. Wooden floors are made with minimal impact on the environment. The makers of Pravada floors practice sustainable harvesting practices and use just enough rare/noble wood to offer floors that have all the natural beauty you would wish for in wooden flooring while sustaining the sources.

Pravada goes a step further and ensures their flooring has low formaldehyde emissions. In fact, Pravada engineered products meet (and exceed in some cases) the latest CARB compliance standards (CARB 2 requirements) met through third-party testing.

What's more, flooring is made using fast-growing species sourced from dedicated plantations. While Pravada floors are made using a variety of wood species, including slow-growth woods like White Oak, majority of the wood is from fast-growing species like eucalyptus used to make engineered wood floors. Pravada veneers are also designed to maximise utility out of every single tree.

Pravada products are also Lacey Act compliant. No product is made using illegally logged wood that is imported. Lastly, Pravada products are also FloorScore Certified, meaning they meet the highest indoor air quality standards in place today for hard surface flooring, underlayment, and adhesives.

Pravada Flooring Brand, Laminate, Engineered hardwood, SPC Vinyl floor

Great Flooring Reviews

You should also be excited about Pravada Floors since everyone who has bought the floors loves the quality. There is no single verifiable negative Pravada floor review on quality. Besides quality, there are many positive reviews on selection. Customers love the fact that you can get a floor that matches the most unique flooring taste and preferences.

However, to enjoy the above benefits and more, Pravada floors must be bought from authorised vendors only like Word Of Mouth Floors.


Designers love Pravada floors

It's not just homeowners who love Pravada. Designers in Richmond, BC, and beyond choose Pravada floors when they want to impress their clients. Designers love the fact that they have a beautiful base to start from and flourish in every aspect, including creativity.

Most importantly, Pravada floors are sold with product and marketing support to help designers stay ahead of their competitors. Designers love the fact that they can partner with Pravada and get access to resources and opportunities like exclusive design workshops, exclusive content, HD images of favourite Pravada products, tailored swatch kits, and other resources/opportunities that help them promote their businesses.


Easy to install and maintain

Pravada floors also stand out for the brand's unmatched attention to detail. Besides buying one of the best (if not the best) flooring, the floors are sold with a detailed installation guide making it very simple to install the floors yourself or hire a professional. Pravada offers all the information you need even before you start installation all the way to the installation and maintenance process. You don't need a flooring expert to install your floor!


Ready to try out Pravada floors, visit Word of Mouth Floors showroom in Richmond, BC to see the Pravada floor products firsthand. We have a full collection of display boards. Touch and feel the product for yourself.

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