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Choosing The Right Flooring For Your Climate

Choosing the type of flooring for your climate is an important decision for your home. Our choice of flooring in our homes can either make or break the overall appearance of our homes. When choosing a type of flooring for your climate, there are several factors that should be taken into account. The climate in your area determines the temperatures you will experience in your home, which should play a major role in selecting the appropriate flooring for your home. You may find this article to be particularly useful if you are about to invest in new flooring for your home or would like some insight for the future.

How Your Climate Can Affect Your Flooring

Best Flooring Options For Your Climate | Word of Mouth Floors Canada

It is true that some flooring materials are far more suitable for certain climates than others due to the wide variety of flooring options available and the diverse climates across the country. So, how do you determine which one is best for your home and climate? Here are some options we will discuss, along with their advantages and disadvantages.

Flooring Options For Your Climate

Flooring For Your Climate: Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Luxury Vinyl Flooring is one of the most popular floorings for homes. Those who prefer the durability of tile with the appearance of hardwood flooring may be interested in luxury vinyl flooring. A vinyl floor is an ideal choice for cold areas due to its resistance to expansion and contraction.

The luxury vinyl is available in tiles, planks, and sheets that are made to mimic the look of wood or stone. The material is a good choice for colder climates since it does not expand or contract like other natural materials. Aside from being extremely strong and easy to clean, this flooring is also slightly warmer to the touch than something such as tile. A luxury vinyl floor is an excellent choice if you are considering radiant heating under your floor.

Flooring For Your Climate: Laminate Flooring

Laminate Flooring For Your Home's Climate | Flooring in Canada

It is almost impossible to distinguish laminate floors from real hardwood flooring due to the advancements in laminate flooring design. For those who love the look of hardwood, but prefer something less expensive and low maintenance, laminate flooring may be a good option. In the same way as vinyl floors, they have insulation, which allows them to warm up a little bit more quickly under your bare feet. During installation, it is possible to add an additional layer of insulation. If you live in a humid climate, keep in mind that laminate planks tend to expand and warp if water seeps in between them and the wall. 

Flooring For Your Climate: Tile Flooring

Tiles are among the most durable flooring materials available. You can easily clean it up to make it look like new again. It's long-lasting, incredibly durable, and easy to clean.

Tile is an excellent flooring option for most climates, regardless of whether it is porcelain, ceramic, or stone. The properties of tile make it suitable for warmer or humid climates since it is cool to the touch and water-resistant. However, in colder climates, you might prefer something a little warmer underfoot. You may also need to replace the tile if you live in an earthquake-prone area. The tile may crack under too much pressure due to this type of movement.

Flooring For Your Climate: Carpet Flooring

Carpet flooring is an excellent choice for almost any climate. When you live in a cold climate, a carpet will help to insulate your home as a result of the warm fibers that make up the carpet. Like a blanket for your feet, it provides comfort and warmth. Nevertheless, if you live in a humid climate, those fibers can retain moisture, causing mold and mildew problems very quickly. Therefore, carpets will require more frequent cleaning in humid climates than materials that are less absorbent.

Flooring For Your Climate: Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood Flooring For Your Climate Home | Word of Mouth Floors Vancouver

The classic look of hardwood floors will never go out of style. You can use them either as a rustic or modern accent to add a touch of character to your home. 

Despite this, they can be a bit challenging to work around in extreme climate regions.  There is a predictable pattern to how your hardwood will respond to climate change. The pattern will shift as the seasons and relative humidity levels change.

A hardwood floor may not be suitable for those who live in extreme climates. They could crack if the weather is too dry. If the weather is too humid, they may swell and buckle. When choosing hardwood for your home, it is best to consult a flooring professional, as certain species and finishes may operate better in certain climates.

Flooring For Your Climate: Marble Flooring

Marble Flooring For Your Climate | Canada Flooring

A marble floor is very attractive, especially when it is clean and maintained. This is due to the fact that marble flooring is reflective of nature. They are ideal for areas with dry climates and neutral climates. A marble floor can be a tricky surface to work with. During the winter, they become quite cold.

In conclusion, it is essential to carefully consider the climate when choosing the best type of flooring for your home. Flooring that is not suitable for your climate can lead to damage and increased maintenance costs, so it is important to select a flooring material that is specifically designed to withstand the weather and temperature conditions of your area. Taking into account the local climate will help to ensure that your flooring is durable, attractive, and comfortable for years to come.

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