Safety First - Safety Guidelines for Installing Floors

Safety First - Safety Guidelines for Installing Floors

We have pulled these suggestions from the NWFA installation instructions to ensure you have a safe installation. Follow these and have a safe, enjoyable installation experience. We want your DIY project to be a success, but always, safety first! Take your time, prepare in advance, have fun, but be safe!

Safety First - Safety Guidelines for Installing Floors

SAFETY GUIDELINES for Floor Installation

Appendix A – Safety Guidelines

Safety on the job is the foremost concern for contractors, because accidents with power tools can be critical, even disabling or deadly. No amount of experience or expertise exempts you from safety risks inherent in using the tools required to install hardwood floors. The goods news is that these risks are easily managed. Start with these general guidelines:

• Never work under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medication

• Work with others nearby, if possible.

• Do not work on a cluttered floor.

• Use proper lighting and ventilation.

• Make sure that the electrical power and wiring at the jobsite is sufficient to operate all machines safely.

• Know your insurance company’s policy on coverage related to accidents or jobsite situations.

• Wear proper work clothing and shoes. Do not wear loose clothing that could get caught in a machine.

• Wear NIOSH-approved approved hearing protection and safety glasses, as well as dust and fume respirators, knee protection and gloves.

• Have an OSHA-approved first-aid kit on the job site.

• Read and fully understand the owner’s manuals that are supplied with the equipment.

• Use tools only as intended.

• Use all tool and machine safety guards.

• Turn off and unplug electrical tools and machines when making adjustments and attaching accessories.

• Turn off all sources of ignition when using flammables.

• Use ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) on electric tools to avoid electric shock.

• Carry and read MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) for all products.

• Do not exceed manufacturer’s recommended working air pressure for pneumatic systems.

 We want your home to look beautiful. Take your time and be safe if you decide to install yourself. If unsure, please call a qualified professional flooring installer. Take care, from your friends at Word of Mouth Floors in Richmond, BC.