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Buying a flooring can be daunting experience for some of you, and really doesn’t need to be. Here are 4 super simple tips to make your experience easy, informative and enjoyable:

flooring sample engineered hardwood floors Word of Mouth Floors
  • Speak with our super friendly, knowledgeable team to help you find the perfect floor
  • Touch the floors in person. We have over 100 full size display boards for you to touch and feel in person
  • Sample pieces - You can take home sample pieces of flooring you love. See how it matches your space. Check it against your walls, your furniture, cabinets, etc. See it in natural light and your lighting inside each room.
  • Check the website or ask us for any installed room scene photos of the product. Some times this can really help you visualize the flooring installed in your space.
flooring sample Word of Mouth Floors
flooring sample and display boards Word of Mouth Floors

Vinyl Floors

We have so many options for vinyl flooring. Very large SPC vinyl flooring offering, along with WPC vinyl floors, loose lay vinyl and dryback vinyl flooring. Our options are appropriate for residential and commercial projects. All are 100% waterproof floors.

flooring sample Word of Mouth Floors

Laminate Flooring

We have numerous options for this flooring category as well. Waterproof laminate flooring (waterproof to more than 700 hours) and water resistant laminate floors (water resistant up to 80 hours) we have many beautiful options in 12mm and 8mm thicknesses. We have German made laminate, Belguim made laminate and American made laminate, in addition to Chinese flooring options.

flooring sample Word of Mouth Floors

Engineered Hardwood Floors

Wow, if you want a floor that looks great in a small apartment all the way up to a $50,000,000 luxurious home, we have the engineered hardwood flooring options for you. So many great brands including Pravada, Shaw, Eckowood, Goodfellow, Fusion, just to name a few. It is a must to see display boards and samples to get a true indication of the high end quality of these engineered hardwood floors.

Engineered display boards:

flooring sample and display boards Word of Mouth Floors

Laminate sample pieces:

flooring sample Word of Mouth Floors

Getting a sample of the flooring you are considering is a very helpful part of the floor buying experience. Come into the shop and as you can see from he images, we have many flooring sample options for you to take home. Or call us 604-370-8769 or email us at and ask for help building a sample package.

Showroom display boards:

flooring sample and display boards Word of Mouth Floors
flooring sample and display boards Word of Mouth Floors

We can provide up to 5 sample pieces for free... if you need them shipped, we can get you an inexpensive delivery option. Or please come into the shop and pick them up for free.

Take care, hope to hear from you soon

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