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Selecting The Best Rubber Flooring Tiles for Your Home Gym: What to Lookout For

Once you've decided to buy rubber flooring tiles (or rubber mats) for your home gym, it's time to uncover what to look out for. 

Since there are very many rubber fitness flooring tiles on sale today, it's important to know what you should look for. Here's a simple guide to selecting the best rubber flooring tiles.

rubber floors fitness floor rubber gym floors word of mouth floors Richmond BC

1. Safety 

A home gym should have a skid-free walking surface to avoid slips and falls. The rubber fitness tiles or rubber flooring mat you choose shouldn't slide or move around when you are working out. While rubber tends to have better traction than other flooring surfaces, you need rubber flooring tiles that have been enhanced to offer the best traction possible on just about any flooring surface bound to be in a home garage, basement, or any other room that can be converted into a home gym. 

For instance, consider rubber flooring tiles with raised surface or textured surface designs over plain smooth designs for better grip and traction. 

The safety of rubber flooring can also be explored by establishing toxicity and odor levels. The best rubber flooring tiles for home gyms are made with indoor air quality in mind. They don't produce unpleasant smells that fatigue your sense of smell or overall health. The best tiles are made with non-toxic materials that don't result in chemical smells. When odor and toxicity are of utmost concern, choose rubber flooring that hasn't been toughened or thickened using harmful solvents or volatile organic compounds that evaporate at room temperature and fill the air.

Important: While a "rubber-ish” smell may be inevitable in new rubber flooring tiles, a citrus-based cleaner should be able to eliminate that smell.  

rubber floors fitness floor rubber gym floors word of mouth floors Richmond BC

2. Multiple applications/versatility

You also need rubber tiles that can be used for many applications. While your initial reason for buying rubber fitness flooring tiles may be to install them in your home gym, you should also consider versatility. 

The flooring you choose should also be available in multiple colours allowing you to have flooring that matches any décor or room elements. You should use your rubber flooring elsewhere apart from your gym if the need arises in the future. For instance, the flooring should fit in a playpen or be capable of handling multiple applications. 

The tiles you buy should withstand your body weight as well as be strong enough to be placed under weightlifting benches, a treadmill, stationary or recumbent bike, elliptical, etc. 

The tiles should be usable for multiple workouts, including yoga and CrossFit. They should also be useful to everyone regardless of gender, age, or other factors i.e., (with shoes and bare feet). The design should also allow for easy installation and removal using simple tools. In a nutshell, you should be able to use the rubber tiles you select for many other uses in the future, including those you don't envision now. 

3. Great impact & sound absorption

The best rubber fitness tiles are also great at absorbing impact and sound. Home workouts are bound to be noisy. They can also be as intense as those in commercial gyms leading to a lot of impact. Whether you are starting a home gym to kickbox, wrestle, jump rope, weight lift, or do any other exercises, your floor should be quiet and capable of absorbing impact. If you stay in an apartment, your neighbours shouldn't be disturbed by your workouts. The same applies to family members living with you. 

4. Unmatched comfort

The best rubber fitness tiles also need to be comfortable. Lookout for nonslip innovations as well as shock-absorbing designs that offer pain-free exercise sessions. The best rubber tiles don't leave your feet or ankles feeling sore or put undue pressure on your knees when you jump or back when you are lying on the floor. Choose flooring tiles that allow all exercises to be done comfortably because they have been designed with comfort in mind.

5. Easy installation and cleaning

Remember to choose interlocking rubber floor tiles as such tiles are the easiest to install. The interlocking mechanism allows for quick and sturdy installation ensuring tiles are secured together. The tiles you select should also be easy to clean. The surface shouldn’t be packed with groves that easily accumulate dirt. Ideally, you should be able to keep your floor tiles clean just by sweeping or occasionally wiping.

rubber floors fitness floor rubber gym floors word of mouth floors Richmond BC

6. Lengthy warranty

Lastly, the best rubber flooring tiles you can find in Richmond, BC, or anywhere else should be backed with a lengthy warranty. Manufacturers who are confident about their products don't have a problem offering long warranties because they know they have made high-quality products. Choose flooring that comes with a 5-year or more warranty. In the unlikely event that the flooring has issues, you can get a free replacement or refund. 

7. Consider eco-friendly rubber flooring tiles 

While sustainability may not be at the top of the list of considerations of every flooring buyer, it’s important to support sustainable rubber flooring brands. Most of the rubber produced naturally in the world is used to make tires. Most reputable rubber flooring tile brands use recycled rubber to make their tiles because they care about the environment. Rubber tiles made from recycled rubber translate to a lower carbon footprint. Using recycled tires minimises landfills and resulting pollution while saving natural resources that would have otherwise been used. 

Given the effect of pollution and other unsustainable business practices, it’s important to support brands that aren’t just in business to make money. 

8. Consider CSR

Sustainability aside, it’s also important to choose a brand that cares about people. As mentioned above, there are many rubber flooring brands in business today just to make money. You should buy your rubber flooring tiles from a brand that supports charities and other important social responsibility projects. 

While there may be other features in the best rubber flooring tiles, considering the above information only is bound to direct you to the best-of-the-best rubber garage floor or rubber fitness flooring tiles you can find in your area. 

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