Shaw Floorte Waterproof Hardwood Flooring Introduced

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Introduction to Shaw waterproof hardwood flooring. There has been increasing demand for waterproof hardwood flooring, given the unmatched benefits of the flooring. Homeowners have been looking for waterproof floors for kitchens, basements, and other areas that would traditionally never have hardwood flooring.   This Floorte waterproof engineered hardwood floor gives you flexibility on installing beautiful real hardwood in any room in your home.

Shaw Floorte Waterproof Engineered Hardwood Flooring from Word of Mouth Floors

For a long time, people have settled for vinyl flooring, among other waterproof floors that are functional but may not look as great as wood floors.  

Real Hardwood Flooring now Waterproof

The introduction of real hardwood floors that are waterproof has changed everything. Until recently, hardwood was not an option in areas like bathrooms and basements prone to water damage. However, we now have waterproof hardwood floors – real hardwood veneer surface on an SPC (Stone Plastic Composite) core. Technological advancements have allowed hardwood flooring to be waterproof. 

Waterproof hardwood flooring may be costly; however, it is worth it. The flooring is beautiful and waterproof, with all the hardwood flooring features everyone wants. In fact, it has added benefits.  

Added benefits of waterproof hardwood flooring 

If you drop something i.e., a tool or plate on the flooring, it won't get damaged. This benefit is missing in regular engineered and solid hardwood floors. Such floors get dented easily by items, large pets, etc. Waterproof hardwood flooring offers the best of everything. The flooring won't dent. You also don't need to worry about spills and water damage. Most importantly, it looks real since it is real hardwood.  

Shaw Floorte Waterproof Engineered Hardwood Flooring from Word of Mouth Floors

Shaw Floorte floors: Waterproof hardwood flooring 

Shaw Floors Floorte collection is arguably the best waterproof hardwood flooring available currently. The floor collection offers the natural beauty of hardwood flooring minus the worry. Floorte waterproof hardwood flooring offers waterproof benefits and a wide selection of flooring available in multiple colours, finishes, and multiple wood species.  

Other notable benefits include superior scuff resistance (six-times more protection from typical wood traffic) attributed to SCUFRESIST platinum technology. The floor has also been designed to reduce noise. All floors in the Floorte collection have a soft silence acoustical pad that reduces noise and adds comfort. The floors are also easy to install. You can install Shaw Floorte floors on existing hard surfaces.  

Shaw Floorte waterproof hardwood floors are available in two main collections, namely exquisite and magnificent SFN.  

  1. Exquisite 

This collection has 22 colours of different hardwoods ranging from oak to walnut shades. Exquisite floors are backed by a surface sealed to offer water protection and easy maintenance/cleaning. The floor also features a waterproof core. Other notable benefits include a click profile offering quick and easy installation. The floor also has a pad for added comfort and reduced noise.  

Main exquisite features 

  • Type: Waterproof engineered hardwood flooring 
  • Species: Walnut 
  • Overall nominal thickness and width: 5/16’’ and 7.5’’ respectively 
  • Finish: Waterproof 
  • Gloss level: 7% 
  • Surface texture: Smooth 
  • Edge and end description: Bevel 
  • Weight per carton: 56lbs 
  • Pallet size: 1347 square feet. 
  • Variation: High 
  • Installation method: Floating 
  • Warranty: Lifetime residential warranty 
  • Rating: Radiant heat & ortho-phthalates approved. 
Shaw Floorte Engineered Hardwood Waterproof Flooring Word of Mouth Floors Richmond BC Canada
  1. Magnificent SFN 

This collection has 10 colours of different hardwoods ranging from maple to hickory shades. This collection also features floors with a waterproof core and sealed surface for added water protection and easy maintenance/cleaning. The floors also have a click profile for quick and easy installation and pad for added comfort and low noise. It features a click profile for fast and easy installation and an attached pad for noise reduction and added comfort. 

Main magnificent SFN features  

  • Type: Waterproof engineered hardwood flooring 
  • Species: Maple 
  • Overall nominal thickness and width: 5/16’’ and 7.5’’ respectively 
  • Finish: Waterproof 
  • Surface texture: Smooth 
  • Edge and end description: Bevel 
  • Weight per carton: 56lbs 
  • Pallet size: 1347 square feet. 
  • Variation: High 
  • Installation method: Floating 
  • Warranty: Lifetime residential warranty 
  • Rating: Radiant heat & ortho-phthalates approved 

Installing Shaw Floorte Waterproof hardwood flooring 

As mentioned above Shaw Floorte waterproof engineered hardwood flooring is installed by floating. You don’t need to remove your existing floor or prepare a subfloor. However, Floorte has installation instructions that must be followed for the floor’s warranty to remain intact.  

Shaw Floorte Engineered Hardwood Waterproof Flooring Word of Mouth Floors Richmond BC Canada

When properly installed as per Shaw’s installation instructions, the flooring won’t cup, crack, or swell because of being exposed to water from any source ranging from subfloor moisture to topical spills.  

Important: While Shaw Floorte waterproof hardwood flooring is waterproof, this shouldn’t mistake to mean that the floor will remain intact when submerged in standing water.  

Before installation: Important guidelines and considerations  

Floor inspection: Before installing Floorte waterproof engineered hardwood flooring, you must inspect the condition of the floor. Care should also be taken when unpacking the flooring. Your warranty won’t be valid if you install flooring planks with visible defects.  

Adhesive guidelines: Floorte waterproof wood flooring should be installed using Shaw-approved adhesives only.  

Temperature guidelines: The flooring should also be installed in areas where the temperature doesn't surpass 140 Degrees Fahrenheit.  

Floor owner/installer responsibilities: The floor owner/installer is responsible for ensuring all pre-installation guidelines are met. Shaw doesn't take responsibility for deficiencies or failures of their flooring resulting from job-site related sub-surface, subfloor or environmental related conditions. The floor must be installed in a dry, clean, flat, and structurally sound substrate.  

Ideal installation time: The floor should be installed last in a remodelling or new construction project to avoid damage.  

Subfloor installation requirements: Shaw Floorte waterproof hardwood flooring should be installed on flat subfloors. There are other considerations depending on the type of subfloor.  

If you have wood subfloors, make sure the floor is structurally sound. If needed, you can add a layer of APA rated underlayment. When installing over concrete subfloors, make sure the floor is smooth, clean, dry, and free of dust, wax, paint, grease, oil, adhesive residue and any other foreign materials.  

The flooring can't be installed over carpets, wood floors/wood subfloor adhered to concrete. Waterproof hardwood flooring is installable over most hard floor surfaces provided the surfaces are structurally sound, clean, flat, and dry.  

Shaw Floorte Engineered Hardwood Waterproof Flooring Word of Mouth Floors Richmond BC Canada

Installing Shaw Floorte engineered hardwood flooring 

Installation is easy. You need basic tools such as a utility knife, tape measure, jigsaw, rubber mallet/tapping block, T-square, safety classes, and a broom or vacuum cleaner. To account for expansion and contraction, leave a ¼-inch gap between perimeter walls and adjacent hardwood floor. Dry-lay the flooring first before laying permanently. Installation should be done from an outside wall to establish a straight working line. You need to scribe cut your first-row planks to make a straight working line. The first few rows should be positioned before installation to confirm your layout decision.  As always, Youtube is your friend to help with installation tips if needed. If unsure, please hire a professional flooring installer.

Quick step-by-step installation guide: Floorte waterproof hardwood flooring installation in 8 simple steps 

Step 1: Check planks and ensure they are free of debris and dust. Follow by establishing your floor layout. Planning beforehand will eliminate plank installation challenges at wall junctures.  

Step 2: Begin by installing planks parallel to your longest exterior wall. Establish if your starter row needs to be cut. Remember to use spacers to maintain ideal expansion space along the walls.  

Step 3: Install the 2nd plank aligning and dropping the plank’s end tongue over the groove of the 1st plank. Repeat this while applying some light pressure to ensure a firm joint between planks. Use the rubber mallet if needed. Repeat the process until you’ve completed your first row.   

Step 4: Proceed to the second row by cutting planks to the desired length. Planks should be 6-inches or taller for the best appearance.  

Step 5: Insert the side tongue of your 1st plank in the 2nd row into the groove of the first-row plank. Repeat this process to complete every row. Maintain light pressure and ensure the tongue locks into the groove. Most importantly, the first two rows must be square and straight because they act as the foundation for the entire installation. Keep checking for straightness and squareness. In case of small gaps, use your tapping block and tap the planks into place. Use plank over the flooring to avoid damage. Use your rubber mallet to press down and engage end joints. Don’t tap directly (on the seam). 

Step 6: Fit door casings using a flat pull bar. This tool is important when locking the planks. Use your utility knife when fitting flooring around obstacles and irregular spaces. To ensure a perfect fit, prepare a cardboard template first of the area before transferring the pattern and cutting planks accordingly. 

Step 7: Protect exposed floor edges using wall molding or transition strips. When installing the floor to areas prone to wetness like bathrooms, ensure planks aren’t secured to the subfloor in any way. Also, caulk the floor perimeter using silicone caulk and inspect for minor gaps and nicks. Fill with appropriate wood putty.  

Step 8: Finish by sweeping and vacuum cleaning the floor. Floorte waterproof hardwood flooring should be cleaned using a specialised floor cleaner.  

For detailed installation guidelines, see Shaw Floorte waterproof engineered hardwood flooring online.

Taking care of waterproof hardwood flooring 

If you want your Shaw Floorte waterproof hardwood floor to last, you must follow the maintenance guidelines given. Proper maintenance also ensures you keep your floor warranty intact.  

Preventative maintenance 

You should protect your floor from direct sunlight to avoid damaging the wood and/or stain. Exposure to direct sunlight also results in colour changes. It's also advisable to use floor protectors and mats over flooring when placing and moving heavy objects such as furniture. Floor protectors under chairs, tables and on high-traffic areas will prevent scratches, scuffs, and other related damage.  

To prevent moisture damage, use walk-off matts at entrances to keep off moisture, dirt, and debris. Lastly, avoid walking on the floor with spiky shoes or those with damaged heels. Pets paws should also be well-trimmed and clean to avoid scratches and other related problems. 

Cleaning waterproof hardwood flooring 

Floorte waterproof engineered hardwood flooring is easy to clean. The floor just needs to be routinely vacuumed and swept to prevent build-up of dirt and debris. When vacuuming, use a felt or brush head and ensure the vacuum cleaner wheels are clean to avoid damaging the floor finish.  

In case of spills, wipe with a soft cloth and use Shaw-approved cleaning products. Don’t use steam cleaners or hardwood flooring cleaning machines as such machines can damage your flooring and void your warranty. A neutral-PH hardwood floor cleaner will do the job perfectly.  

Don't use liquid, paste, or oily soap products and other household cleaning agents containing oils, citrus oils, ammonia, etc. Damage resulting from using unrecommended cleaners will void the warranty.   

Detailed maintenance guide for taking care of your Shaw Floorte waterproof hardwood floor is available.

Shaw Floorte waterproof hardwood floor warranty 

The flooring can either come with a lifetime or limited residential warranty. The warranty is effective when the floor is purchased. However, the floor must be installed as per Shaw Floorte waterproof hardwood floor installation guidelines.  The maintenance guidelines also need to be followed. Warranty-related claims must be backed by an original Shaw invoice or an invoice from an authorised Shaw retailer/dealer.  

Defect claims reported in writing within a year of purchase can attract a product replacement or credit based on original purchase. Reasonable labour costs are included. Claims reported after the first year but within 5 years of purchase attract a replacement or credit based on the original purchase and 50% labour costs. Labour costs aren't included with claims after year five but within ten years of buying the flooring. Claims after ten years attract a sufficient product replacement amount for repairing defective floor area. However, labour costs aren't included.  

Limited waterproof warranties assure customers that the flooring won’t crack, cup or swell. However, the Shaw flooring maintenance guidelines must be followed. The limited waterproof warranty covers topical moisture provided water doesn’t flow over the edge of the room/surface. 

While waterproof hardwood flooring isn’t damaged by water, excessive moisture can cause other problems like mould/mildew growth. The warranty doesn’t cover mould/mildew related damage resulting from long-term exposure to moisture. It also excludes failures that are usually covered by homeowner’s insurance. Here’s more on Shaw waterproof hardwood flooring warranty coverage.  

While there are other waterproof engineered hardwood floor brands currently, Shaw’s Floorte waterproof hardwood floors stand out the most. The flooring comes in many varieties. It's also easy to install and maintain. What's more, you get to enjoy warranty protection provided you follow the installation and maintenance guidelines to the letter.  

Buy Shaw waterproof engineered hardwood flooring from Word of Mouth Floors, showroom in Richmond BC.

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