Vidar Flooring: Leading Providers of High-Quality Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Vidar Flooring: Leading Providers of High-Quality Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Vidar Flooring is a recognized brand in the Canadian flooring industry that is known for manufacturing premium engineered hardwood flooring products. Vidar Flooring is a leading flooring supplier that offers a variety of sizes, styles, colours, and types of hardwood floors to meet the needs of different customers. Vidar Flooring company has grown to include showrooms and warehouse facilities in the Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver areas, with plans to expand further into Calgary in the near future.

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Having distribution centers and showrooms across the country, Vidar Flooring is a popular household choice in the Great White North when it comes to floor coverings. A Vidar floor is built in accordance with the principles of quality craftsmanship. This brand was developed by flooring professionals who have decades of experience in the field. You can be assured that your flooring materials are of the highest quality by using the most technologically advanced equipment available.

Vidar Flooring: Why Choose Them?

The Vidar Design Flooring brand has always been the industry leader with more than 500 distributors across Canada. They aim to provide high-quality products and services to all our customers, which is why they have never had any customer claims. Moreover, they have plenty of stock in each of their three warehouses, including the Ontario Warehouse (60,000 square feet), the Vancouver Warehouse (13,000 square feet), and the Montreal Warehouse (10,000 square feet). Customers can place an order and pick it up the same day, which is convenient and fast. Vidar Flooring has invested a great deal of energy and resources in the raw materials, equipment, new technologies, packaging, and shipments of our products. In this way, they will be able to ensure the durability and reliability of their products. Vidar Flooring aims to provide our customers with not only the very best products but also exceptional service - a 25-year warranty that can be viewed on our warranty page for more information.

Vidar Flooring: Leading Suppliers of High-Quality Hardwood Flooring

Vidar Flooring - Word of Mouth Floors

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From Selection To Installation

A wide range of Vidar Design Flooring engineered wood products are produced using the highest quality raw materials available on the market. They use White Oak from the United States for our real wood surface layer. With its cross-grained and multilayered plywood construction and open slots, the construction of our products is designed and manufactured to increase their durability. It will also facilitate a faster and easier installation process. 

Vidar Flooring has recently become a strategic business partner of Bona of Sweden, which supplies some of our best-selling products with its world-famous coating. Vidar Design Flooring products are truly unique in the marketplace due to the beautiful finish that the Bona paint provides in combination with our high-quality wood materials and they deserve your utmost consideration when making your purchase. Vidar Design Flooring has a unique design that you will love!

Vidar Flooring: Their Featured Flooring Products

Vidar Flooring - Word of Mouth Floors

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Vidar Flooring only uses sawn-cut veneer because it is more durable and stable.

Vidar Flooring Beautiful Raw Materials

For the construction of their floor planks, Vidar Flooring uses only the highest quality wood, including:

  • White Oak
  • Walnut
  • Hickory
  • Maple
  • Unique Product Features

Definitely a one-of-a-kind hardwood product. Natural wood from Vidar Flooring has the following unique characteristics:

  • Cross-grained
  • Multi-layered
  • Elegant finish

Vidar Flooring Products have Superior Durability & Wear Resistance

With their installation procedure, your flooring will be safeguarded so that it can withstand the test of time. The engineered hardwood flooring from Vidar Flooring is designed to withstand wear and tear regardless of what may be occurring on the surface.

Take a look at these stunning and high-quality Vidar flooring collections:

Vidar Flooring: Care and Maintenance Tips

Vidar Flooring - Word of Mouth Floors

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1. You should vacuum the floor frequently in order to remove solid particles (such as sand) that could scratch or damage the floor. (Caution: Only use vacuums designed specifically for hardwood floors. Make sure the vacuum is in good working order to prevent damage). 

2. Using a damp mop (not wet), quickly wipe the floorboards using a to-and-fro motion. Keep the floor in good condition by using a non-wax flooring cleaner. Using ammonia on hardwood floors is not recommended as it can discolor them and is very harsh on finishes. Vinegar should also not be used. It is an acid that can etch the finish and create a dull look. 

3. The use of rugs or mats at all entrances is recommended. Keeping rugs and mats clean requires regular shaking and washing.

4. Regular maintenance includes more than sweeping, such as vacuuming and dust mopping. Don't use a mop that is treated with silicone, wax, or other treatments (A mop that is treated with silicone, wax, or other treatments may damage the finish of your wood floor). It is not advisable to mop your hardwood floor wet as excess water could damage the floor and cause premature wear. 

5. Furniture should be protected with felt protectors. You should place a thick rug underneath heavy furniture when moving it (fridges, pianos, etc.). This will prevent damage to the floor.

6. Shoes ideally should not be worn at home. The little debris either on the floor on attached to the bottom of shoes can cause damage to your floor. Debris, especially near doorways can scratch the surface. If the weather is bad, you might bring water and sometimes salt home, which can cause damage to your floors. 

7. Many manufacturers' finishes delay and reduce most of the sun shading phenomenon that darkens or lightens hardwood over time. In order to prevent discoloration of exposed wood, your floor must still be protected from sunlight and intense artificial light. It is natural for hardwood surfaces to exhibit this phenomenon.

8. For a period of 25 years after purchase, Vidar Design Flooring warrants its prefinished engineered hardwood flooring to be free of defects in the structure, manufacturing, and final dimensions under normal residential use. 

9. In addition, we warrant that its UV-cured aluminum oxide finish will not wear through or separate from hardwood flooring when used under normal residential conditions and with recommended maintenance procedures. The warranty period begins on the date of purchase and continues for 25 years.

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