You Deserve Biyork Floors

You Deserve Biyork Floors

Your floors are a centerpiece of your home. They are one of the first things visitors notice and when they look less than clean, it can leave your whole house looking grungy. When it comes to flooring for your home or business, the options are truly endless. Clearly, you want the best value for your dollar and a floor that will hold up over time. Look no further than outstanding Biyork flooring. Biyork Floors provides beautiful and unique flooring that offers amazing anti-bacterial properties. Keep your home looking beautiful and your family healthy and safe with the truly fabulous Biyork flooring systems.

Biyork Flooring from Word of Mouth Floors Canada

Biyork Floors understands the importance of a safe and clean home

Biyork understands the importance of a safe and clean home. With recent breakthroughs in innovation, Biyork has implemented a process to apply a special layer of anti-bacterial coating on all their floor surfaces. This specialized layer gives Biyork flooring major anti-bacterial properties and Biyork flooring prevents the spread of 99.9% of major bacteria.

Biyork Flooring from Word of Mouth Floors Canada

Adding this extra layer of protection is beneficial to every space Biyork floors are installed. Without affecting the finish or colour of your floors, Biyork’s anti-bacterial coating adds a layer of protection with every step you take, bringing you and your family another step closer to a safer home.

Biyork Flooring is High Quality

Biyork Flooring is one of the best suppliers of high quality, versatile flooring systems in Canada. Biyork has dedicated itself to perfection and mastering workmanship over the years. Biyork is without a doubt a major player in the flooring manufacturing industry.


Biyork doesn’t just help keep your family healthy. It looks beautiful too. Floors are a showpiece to any home and every homeowner dreams of clean, shiny, beautiful floors. Maintaining and cleaning Biyork flooring is easy and Biyork floors withstand the test of time. Perfect for your flooring needs, Biyork works in any room in your home from the kitchen to the family room to the home gym.

Biyork Floors are Beautiful 

Know you are getting the best value for your dollar with Biyork flooring. All Biyork floors are carefully and rigorously inspected by SCS Global to ensure they pass stringent testing to obtain the FLOORSCORE certification mark. With Biyork, you get high quality flooring that meets global quality standards. Most flooring products don’t come with the FLOORSCORE Certification, a must if you want the best in flooring for your home or business.

Biyork Flooring Certifications

All Biyork certifications are legitimate with proper SCS GLOBAL certification and testing done. 

Biyork’s True Touch Texture

Biyork’s True Touch Texture is literally a feature you need to feel. Realistic grooves that match nature's designs on Biyork HydroGen Flooring takes their WaterProof collection to the next level. You just won’t find flooring like this anywhere else. Biyork is the floor you deserve. True Touch Texture™ is an innovative feature where feeling is believing. Biyork’s  HydroGen floors not only offer some of nature's best designs, but also allows your feet to revel in the luxuriousness of the best flooring around.

Biyork’s True Touch Texture from Word of Mouth Floors


Biyork has a special feature not found with most flooring. Their HydroGen 5, 6 and 7 Series flooring all come with silent and comfortable TruTone™ padding which helps maximize comfort and silence within every step. Not only will your Biyork floor be comfortable under your feet, but it will also look amazing and help reduce noise. Only Biyork provides that kind of quality.


All Biyork products go through initial testing at their head office. From scratch tests to stability, Biyork ensures the floors they design get produced the way they intend them to. No other flooring goes through such rigorous testing. Make sure you get flooring that is durable and long-lasting yet looks amazing with Biyork flooring.

Biyork Flooring from Word of Mouth Floors Canada


Biyork Floors provides top quality European style flooring that meets all your flooring needs. It is bespoke, beautiful, and unique.  Every homeowner expects and deserves a floor that fits their needs and budget. That's why Biyork flooring is the only one to consider for your flooring needs.

Engineered Flooring and Waterproof Vinyl Floors 

Biyork provides engineered hardwood and waterproof flooring in plenty of options. No matter your needs, Biyork is the flooring product for you. Cover your floors in luxury and beauty and let your feet feel safe on the anti-bacterial surface.


Biyork floors don’t install like traditional floors so make sure to read and follow all manufactuer instructions to ensure the beauty and longevity of your floors. A little extra work on the installation will provide you with floors that will last and always look amazing with proper maintenance.

Multi-Layer Engineered Hardwood Flooring 

Biyork hardwood flooring is uniquely designed with a multi-layer construction which is rigorously tested to perform well in the harsh Canadian climate. The unique makeup of Biyork engineered hardwood looring gives it the impressive ability to maintain its stability through fluctuations in humidity during different seasons.

Biyork Flooring from Word of Mouth Floors Canada

Understand, Biyork floors do require skill and patience to install. You need to be familiar with the click lock system to properly install the floor and avoid frustration and confusion.


Conveniently located just outside Toronto, Biyork Floorings 80,000 square foot warehouse is stocked fulled with an extensive line of flooring products to meet all your needs. Biyork provides flooring options to suit varying complexities and all sizes of projects. From quick and easy installation options with a simple click style mechanism, to thicker more heavy-duty panels, Biyork is the flooring product for everyone.

Opening in BC, the easiest way to purchase Biyork Flooring is from Word fo Mouth Floors in Richmond and North Vancouver, BC, Canada.

More to Love with Biyork Floors 

One of the best things about Biyork is their commitment to the environment. Biyork works to provide top notch quality products that provide the best value for your dollar while making your home look beautiful while enhancing your family’s safety. No other flooring company is as committed to your health and well-being and to the betterment of the environment like Biyork. Keep healthy, help the environment and have beautiful floors as the end result. It can’t get any better than that.


Choosing new flooring is hard and time consuming. Biyork flooring is amazing and truly provides you with the best value for your hard-earned dollar. With unique features like an anti-bacterial coating, waterproofing, and noise reduction. Biyork is the only flooring worthy of your consideration and space in your home or business. You deserve the best. You deserve Biyork. Your floors deserve Biyork and your house will never look better.

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