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A Floor Beyond Luxury

The beauty of real wood floors, crafted carefully by hand. Introducing: CRAFT Artisan Wood Floors.


"We at CRAFT believe that the best way to re-establish our connection with nature is through direct contact with the natural beauty of real wood."

Who is CRAFT?

CRAFT is a luxury flooring company that specializes in hand-crafted engineered hardwood flooring.

CRAFT and You

CRAFT creates stunning flooring that is designed for healthy homes.



CRAFT is dedicated to creating uncommonly beautiful, artisan crafted wood floors.



CRAFT crafts their floors for healthy home and earth. Environmental "upgrades" come standard spec.


Recognized as one of the most unique brands available, yet within budget for most projects.

Luxe Collection

A modern aesthetic designed for urban living, the Luxe Collection features floors made from Black Walnut, with each plank carefully chosen by our artisans to meet the highest standards of wood beauty. The Luxe Collection showcases uncommonly wide 8” planks which highlight the full drama of their exotic, flowing grain patterns and unique colour tones.

Legacy Collection

CRAFT's Legacy Plank Collection is an homage to the original craftsmen who forged their legacy building beautiful, turn of the century furniture from walnut. Selecting wide 8” planks, as they did for this collection, helps to showcase the dramatically expressive grain pattern of this American exotic, while also resulting in a finished floor with far fewer seams than a more typical narrow width walnut floor.

Reclaimed Collection

CRAFT's authentic reclaimed floors feature artisan made Heart Pine crafted out of century old beams and decking that have been salvaged from historic buildings across rural America. Authentic features include nail holes, wood plugs and patches, hand chiseled bevels and a pronounced grain pattern.

Heritage Collection

CRAFT's Heritage Plank Floors are crafted exclusively American White Oak third-party certified to be from responsibly managed, sustainable forests.

Each and every plank in this collection is hand made by skillful artisans who know that the only way to achieve such a rich lustre and unique surface texture is to employ the time-honoured techniques of the traditional craftsman.

Stylewood Collection

The StyleWood Collection is as versatile as it is beautiful, offering a practical choice for both builders and homeowners alike.

Contempa Collection

The Contempa Collection exudes an unmistakable feeling of luxury and grace. Created for design conscious individuals looking for an urban-natural vibe and the right balance of casual sophistication, the Contempa Collection features American White Oak that has been artfully selected for its refined character and distinctive beauty.

Lakeside Collection

Floors from the Lakeside Collection highlight the raw, natural beauty of rustic hickory. The most rustic of all CRAFT's collections, Lakeside features robust hand-texturing with plenty of the wood pattern variation found in traditional rustic Hickory floors.

Castillo Collection

Rustic enough to capture the organic characteristics of nature, yet clean enough to add style to a contemporary setting. This collection infuses a time honoured historical foundation into a modern aesthetic.

Urbana Collection

A favourite choice for high-end residential homes, urban lofts and designer spaces, Urbana reveals a sense of vibrant cosmopolitan style and sophistication. Crafted from hand selected planks of the highest grade of hickory, Urbana’s refined colours and subtle textures accentuate the everlasting appeal of real wood.

Zen Collection

The exquisite Zen Collection offers a calming refuge from a hectic world. This unique collection of wood floors is distinguished by lighter hues and showcases the organic patterns inherent in CRAFT's Elite Grade Hickory.

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