Biyork Floors: Building On Innovation, Building On Design

Biyork Floors: Building On Innovation, Building On Design

Toronto-based Biyork Floors supplies high-quality and versatile flooring systems to customers across the country. Biyork Floors has proven to be a major player in the flooring manufacturing industry over the years through its commitment to perfection and master craftsmanship. The product lines offered by Biyork Floors are designed to help its customers create unique masterpieces. An extensive line of flooring products is available in Biyork Floors’ 80,000-square-foot warehouse, conveniently located just outside of Toronto. The flooring options offered by Biyork Floors are flexible and can be tailored to suit a variety of complexities and project sizes. Whether you are looking for quick and easy installation options utilizing a simple click-style mechanism or thicker and heavier panels, there is something for you at Biyork Floors.

The History of the Biyork Floors

BIYORK Heritage

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Founded by Mr. Fang in Zhe Jiang Province, China, Biyork Floors is the first timber distribution company in the province.  Its success led to the business being distributed throughout most of the major cities in China by 1991. The first manufacturing plant for Biyork Floors was opened in 1991 by Mr. Fang.  By 1997, a second manufacturing facility had been opened. In the flooring manufacturing industry, Biyork Floors has become a major player with a total of nine manufacturing facilities. Biyork Floors has established a global footprint across seven countries across four continents as part of its vertical integration strategy, from manufacturing to distribution. After launching its global expansion plan in 2003, Biyork Floors became known for its high-quality products. It was in 2004 that Biyork Floors successfully entered the American and European markets.

Biyork Floors’ Extraordinary Philosophy

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Biyork Floors is deeply concerned about the people who construct its floors. In order to ensure everyone is happy and treated with the utmost respect, Biyork Floors holds its people and its factories to the highest standards. Biyork Floors’ goal is to promote employee collaboration and a sense of purpose among them. Biyork Floors believe that whenever people feel proud of their accomplishments, they can achieve the best results and produce the highest quality products. Biyork Floors place a high level of importance on quality.

Biyork Floors understands that partners, retailers, and consumers place a great deal of trust in them; whether it is through research, manufacturing, or customer service, quality is certified at every stage of our meticulous process. They are committed to this promise.

Biyork Floors Best Features: Steps Toward A New Home

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To ensure only the highest standards reach their destination, Biyork Floors meticulously evaluate every stage in its floor creation process. Since they follow a thorough manufacturing process in their factories, Biyork Floors has complete quality control from the manufacturing process until it reaches your home.

Biyork Floors AntiBacterial Flooring

Biyork Floors understands the importance of maintaining a clean and safe living environment. As a result of recent advances in innovation, Biyork Floors has implemented a process for applying a layer of antibacterial coating on its floor surfaces. Using this special layer, their flooring products are able to inhibit the spread of 99.9% of major bacteria.

Biyork Floors FloorScore Certificate

For all Biyork Floors products, SCS Global rigorously inspects and tests them to ensure that they pass stringent testing for FloorScore Certification.

Biyork Floors True Touch Texture™

Introducing Biyork Floors' True Touch TextureTM, a feature you simply must experience. Biyork Floors HydroGen Flooring Collections feature realistic grooves that reflect nature's designs, elevating their WaterProof collection to a whole new level. Biyork Floors’ True Touch texture is an innovative feature based on the idea that feeling is believing. With HydroGen floors collections, you will not only acquire some of Nature's best designs, but you will also be able to feel them. There are grooves on the top layer that mimic the feel of a natural floor.

Biyork Floors’ Undertone™

The Biyork Floors UnderToneTM pad adds numerous advantages and benefits to its main HydroGen line collections (HydroGen 5, HydroGen 6, HydroGen 7). The first benefit of  Biyork Floors UnderToneTM is that it provides comfort. Every step will feel extremely comfortable thanks to the soft, cushioned pad. Second, UnderToneTM is a silent feature that reduces the sound of footsteps. Consequently, vibrations are dampened, making the experience quieter. All of Biyork Floors HydroGen 5 Series flooring, 6 Series flooring, and 7 Series flooring features silent and comfortable TruToneTM padding, which helps to maximize comfort and silence on every step. 

Biyork Floors’ Innovation Lab

Biyork Floors' head office in Toronto performs initial testing on all products that they offer. Whether it is scratch tests or stability tests, they ensure that their floor designs are produced as intended.

Biyork Floors’ Weather Resistance

Biyork Floors offers a wide selection of engineered hardwood flooring styles that are sure to suit any aesthetic of your home. Additionally, Biyork Floors flooring has a unique multi-layer construction that is specifically designed to withstand the harsh climate of Canada. Despite fluctuations in humidity during different seasons, the flooring maintains its impressive stability due to its unique makeup. Furthermore, Biyorks flooring products have low formaldehyde emissions and VOC content, demonstrating their commitment to the environment.

Biyork Floors’ Rigid Core Line

Biyork Floors offers their Rigid Core flooring system, which is designed to withstand heavy traffic. There is no doubt that this type of flooring is extremely durable, but its design is also versatile enough to provide a luxurious and compelling appearance. The rigid core flooring is completely water-resistant, which makes it a suitable choice for busy households and high-traffic areas. Customers of Biyork Floors can install it themselves as a DIY project, making it even more economical due to the simple click-style installation.

Biyork Floors’ Enhanced Rigid Core System

It is the Enhanced line of Biyork flooring products that offers an extra edge for those who want to take their flooring to the next level. An underlayment layer is manufactured as part of the Enhanced Rigid Core system to provide homeowners with additional cushioning and greater comfort. It provides thermal value in a wide variety of tile-like finishes for individuals who prefer this.

Biyork Floors’ Antibacterial Flooring Innovation: A New Era In Flooring Innovation

Antibacterial Flooring from Biyork

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Biyork Floors understands the importance of maintaining a clean and safe living environment. As a result of recent advances in innovation, Biyork Floors has implemented a process for applying a layer of antibacterial coating on our floor surfaces. Using this special layer, Biyork flooring products are able to inhibit the spread of 99.9% of major bacteria. Biyork Floors’ AntiBacterial coating contains antimicrobial agents and traces of silver that inhibit the growth of three major bacteria found on floors. It is expected that this additional layer of coating will remain active at all times and serve as a protective layer throughout the life of the Biyork floors.

Every space in which Biyork floors are installed benefits from this added layer of protection. Adding a layer of protection to your floors without altering their finish or color, its AntiBacterial coating brings you one step closer to a healthier and safer home. With the release of Nouveau 7, Nouveau 8, HydroGen 7, HydroGen 6, and HydroGen 5, Biyork Floors has begun rolling out its AntiBacterial production. Check with your dealer to see if the batch you intend to purchase has its AntiBacterial Coating.

Biyork Floors’ Excellent Flooring Collections

THE HYDROGEN 7 of Biyork Floors

HydroGen Floors – Tagged "7 Inch" – BIYORK

This new HydroGen 7 series floor features WaterProof technology at its core. The HydroGen 7 collection can be installed in any room in your house, whether it is the basement or the kitchen. A first in Biyork Floors product line-up, HydroGen 7 provides anti-bacterial properties. It is the latest addition to the HydroGen Lineup and is the flagship product of the HydroGen Series. Biyork Floors HydroGen 7 prevents 99.9% of major bacteria types from spreading, making it a step towards creating a safer environment.  With an essential thickness of 7mm, HydroGen 7 is still water-resistant at its core, providing outstanding stability, durability, and comfort with Biyork's ultra-quiet UnderToneTM pad.

THE NOUVEAU 8 Engineered Hardwood of Biyork Floors

Nouveau 8 Collection | Chestnut Flooring

Could each plank they designed to be engineered as a unique work of art? Biyork Floors is committed to fulfilling this mission with its 8-1/2 inch Engineered Hardwood Series. This floor set is an incredibly versatile, artfully engineered floor. Take a moment to contemplate Biyork floors individually crafted 8-1/2 inch Series, one of the widest and most artistically crafted floors in the market today.

THE NOUVEAU 7 of Biyork Floors

They have once again redefined the boundaries of wood flooring with their 7-inch side plank. A floor like this is designed for design enthusiasts who are looking for the perfect balance between nature's creation and the technology of the future. Achieve true balance by taking a step forward.

Biyork Floors: Providers of Amazing Flooring Products


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Biyork Floors' commitment to the environment is one of its best features. Biyork Floors offers quality products that improve your home’s safety and make it look beautiful at the same time. At Biyork Floors, they work to provide the best value for your dollar while making your home look beautiful. It is great to see a flooring company that is committed to the health and well-being of its customers and to the environment. Thus, having beautiful floors can help in keeping you healthy as well as protect the environment. This is the best you can get from Biyork Floors.

The process of choosing new flooring can be time-consuming and difficult. There is no doubt that Biyork flooring is amazing and that it provides you with the best value for your hard-earned money. Biyork Floors features a unique antibacterial coating, waterproofing, and noise reduction capabilities. Whether you are looking for flooring for your home or business, Biyork Floors has flooring that’s worth considering. You deserve nothing less than the best with Biyork Floors. 

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