Flooring delivery guide | Word of Mouth Floors

Flooring Delivery Guide | Word of Mouth Floors

Here is our flooring delivery guide that will help you receive your newly purchased flooring products conveniently and orderly. This means that our flooring products can be delivered to you for your convenience. Our team of professionals at Word of Mouth Floors will work closely with you to determine the best shipping arrangement for your delivery based on the location, accessibility, and/or delivery restrictions of the job site.

You can use this flooring delivery guide once your order has been placed. When you purchased new flooring from us, a customer service representative will work with you to schedule a delivery window that is convenient for you. You can plan ahead so you can ensure your availability during the date of delivery.

Flooring Delivery Guide | Word of Mouth Floors

Following the steps of our flooring delivery guide will allow your flooring products to be delivered as quickly and conveniently as possible. 

Below are our Flooring Delivery Guidelines

1. Take the time to plan 

It is best that you are available to receive your order and unload the new flooring products at the time of delivery. Options for the delivery of flooring include curbside or first-threshold delivery. In this case, the driver may not be able to assist you in the process of unloading. Once your shipment has arrived, you should have someone available to help you. Drivers will not be able to leave freight at the delivery address without someone on site to receive the delivery. You can ask people to help you move your new flooring products into your house, garage, workplace, etc. Please remember... flooring is HEAVY! It can not be left outside and it usually is 35lbs to 65lb per box. Please accordingly, it is a work out moving a lot of boxes. Have extra help on hand. Truck drivers do not help you lift the boxes unless you paid for it in advance.

2. Take inspection of your flooring order

Upon delivery, confirm the following:

  • Number of Boxes / Piece Match the Receipt
  • Any Visual Damage to the Boxes
  • Number of boxes Received
  • Condition of the Boxes 

Check For Damages:

Check your newly purchased flooring materials if they have been damaged by shipment before signing for them. Look for rips in the boxes or in the bubble wrap, which can indicate that the product has been damaged during shipping. If you received damaged products, make sure you take photos and keep them for reference, and let us know immediately. If signing any document, note the amount of damage. If 3 boxes damaged, write '3 boxes damaged' on the form before signing. Photos or short video during delivery while truck is unloading showing any visual damage if helpful. If the damage is substantial (example all boxes are damaged), make a decision if you wish to accept the material. Call us if possible if any concerns.

For Missing Products: 

Before accepting delivery of the product, confirm that the entire order has been received. Check your shipping invoice to ensure that each item you ordered is listed along with the amount you ordered. Ensure that all the flooring products you ordered have been received before you begin the installation process. Do not sign anything with a wrong box count. 

3. Validate the shipment

Flooring delivery truck in Richmond, Canada

Before the freight carrier leaves your property and before signing the delivery receipt, confirm that you have received your entire order and that everything is in good condition. Make sure that the smaller products like flooring accessories in your purchase (underlayment, mouldings, etc) are also included unless these were to arrive in a different shipment. In some cases, glue and underlayment can be packaged together, or they may arrive separately. Read and sign the delivery receipt after you have verified that the entire order has been completed. 

You can check that all items listed on your delivery receipt are included in the delivery. If there are missing items, you can take note of them on the receipt. There's also a possibility that some items are missing from the list because they have been shipped separately. To determine if another shipment is needed to complete your purchase, you may contact us with a Sales Representative at Word of Mouth Floors if any of the flooring products included in your order were damaged or missing.

4. You should acclimate your flooring 

The flooring should be moved from the curbside or the first threshold to the exact location where the installation will take place after it has been delivered. A minimum of 48 hours must pass for the flooring to acclimate to its installation environment, and many products like hardwood need 5 to 7 days. Follow supplier guidelines to avoid voiding the warranty. This means the boxes are to be placed in the rooms where they will be installed, and in the temperature they will be lived in. Do not install in a freezing cold home and then turn the heat up after installation. Acclimatize in the proper room temperature and install in living room temperature. For more information, you may refer to your product's installation instructions. It should also be noted that flooring boxes can weigh as much as 65lbs each, making them difficult to move. Be safe and have the appropriate amount of help on hand to help move boxes as needed.

5. Make an installation schedule 

Plan before flooring installation | Word of Mouth Floors in Canada

Before you begin installing, please take the time to verify that you have received all materials and supplies. More so, it is important to consider the time that will be required to replace damaged, missing, or replacement parts before proceeding or confirming installation date.

For Excellent Quality Flooring Products, You Can Rely On Us

We at Word of Mouth Floors are committed to ensuring the success of your flooring project. We would appreciate it if you could contact us toll free at 1-888-966-3579 or via email at hello@wordofmouthfloors.com with any questions or concerns regarding our Delivery Guide and Checklist. It is a pleasure to work with you.

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