CRAFT Artisan Wood Floor: Discover Excellent Hardwood Floors Made By Hand

CRAFT Artisan Wood Floor: Discover Excellent Hardwood Floors Made By Hand

The design of our living space and workspace requires us to consider and decide on countless factors. Our homes' flooring is one of the most important elements that affect the visual appeal and appearance of our entire living spaces. No matter how wonderful the furniture, fixtures, and walls are, your space won't be successful if the flooring isn't perfect.

The flooring of your home is often the first thing that people see and feel when they step into the house. The walls can be designed and the furniture can be placed beautifully, but the flooring will complete the overall look and feel of your guests when they enter your home. The flooring has an impact on you subconsciously even if you do not try to notice it. It will affect your mood and feel in a certain house. It is possible to change the overall appearance of the entire room by simply using your favorite style of flooring. Various flooring colours, designs, and textures are available to enhance the spaciousness, coziness, luxury, and intimacy of your living space.

Introducing CRAFT Artisan Wood Floors: Know Their Story

CRAFT Artisan Wood Floors | wide plank engineered hardwood

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Since CRAFT Artisan Wood Floors began offering superior quality floors in the early 2000s, they have evolved into one of the best. They were able to accomplish this only because of their dedicated team of professionals that has been working together for over a decade and a half.

CRAFT Artisan Wood Floors have developed its original brand, Antique Impressions, focusing on high-quality, handcrafted rustic flooring. The Antique Alder Collection was the first collection to be introduced; it was made up of solid alder in three standard colours. Their ability to manufacture products in much wider widths has been made possible by technological advancements. CRAFT Artisan Wood Floors have formally opened its manufacturing facility in Jiashan, PRC. A factory that is 100% owned by us. In this way, they can exercise maximum control over quality control and ensure that the wood used in the manufacture of their products was sourced from responsibly managed forests in North America. Also, this allowed them to ensure that all materials they used in the manufacture of their products (such as formaldehyde-free glue) met strict environmental and health specifications. The company has produced a number of flooring collections that are very popular with our homeowners. 

CRAFT now provides an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), providing full transparency regarding environmental impact. You can find an EPD covering all CRAFT engineered hardwood products here. As a result of this exhaustive analysis, the science-based report was published by a reputable program operator and made public online. As a result of EPDs, purchasers can obtain comprehensive information on a product's environmental impact, such as its carbon footprint, natural resource depletion, and energy consumption.

CRAFT Artisan Wood Floors: Their Passion for Wood Flooring

Luxury and Sustainability - Wood Floors by CRAFT Artisan Wood Floors

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CRAFT Artisan Wood Floors is not like most companies today, which exist solely to produce mass-produced consumer goods for the mass market. CRAFT has its own philosophy: CRAFT is a way of thinking – about wood. CRAFT believes that the best way to re-establish this connection is to interface directly with real wood's natural beauty. Real wood floors are the ideal way to achieve this since they offer a luxurious, awe-inspiring presence to any room.  Having a real wood floor in every room, a floor that feels wonderful on bare feet, that enlivens the senses and reflects the colours and textures of nature is a delightful experience. Their mission as makers of authentic wood floors is to contribute to people making that connection, and they feel it is their responsibility to produce floors that are not artificial, contrived, or fake. As a company, it is a guiding principle that their engineered hardwood floors should be as natural and organic as possible. They are passionate about it and that's what CRAFT is all about.

CRAFT Artisan Wood Floors: Uniqueness at its Finest

Bianco - Distinctive and Light Hickory Hardwood - CRAFT Floor

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CRAFT Artisan Wood Floors’ passion for wood goes beyond just our livelihood. It is for this reason that they are extremely selective about the type of wood they use and the mills from which they source their materials. To ensure that each CRAFT floor will surpass its customers' expectations, the most important thing they can do is to choose wood with the best grade, colour, and character at the outset. CRAFT’s manufacturing facility has begun the process of achieving TRUE (Total Resource Use and Efficiency) zero-waste certification. Upon achieving TRUE certification, the company will be able to embrace the principles of sustainability and environmental stewardship as a manufacturer and become a model of responsible corporate citizenship. The achievement of TRUE will likely make Creative At Home the first flooring manufacturer in the world to achieve this feat.

CRAFT Artisan Floors Most Popular Hardwood Flooring

Hickory Engineered Hardwood Flooring

As a North American wood species, Hickory is one of the most challenging for craftsmen. Hickory is often overlooked by manufacturers because of its seasonal availability, extreme hardness, and extensive variation in grain pattern. Our craftsmen, however, have developed a deep love and appreciation for Hickory despite these challenges. A real wood floor like this has a beautiful tight grain and a variety of dramatic and flowing grain patterns. CRAFT's Hickory comes from legal and responsible sources as verified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative®.

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White Oak Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Oaks are not all created equal, contrary to popular belief. Because of this, we have chosen American White Oak as the species of choice. The most important characteristic of this oak is its cream to light beige color, high stability, and versatility that are not found in any other wood species. Because White Oak can be used for so many interesting projects, our artisans love working with it. It can be transformed into an array of colors and shades by fuming, staining, and glazing. The Sustainable Forestry Initiative® has verified that CRAFT's White Oak is sourced from legal, responsible sources.

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Black Walnut Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Black walnut is one of the most sought-after hardwoods due to the deep, dark color as well as the beautifully figured grain. Due to its unique grain and color, it is often considered equal to rare and expensive tropical hardwoods, earning it the title of "American Exotic". The reason Rolls Royce and Bentley choose it for the custom millwork in their exotic cars is similar to the reason why it is a fixture throughout the world's most luxurious yachts. Having the opportunity to work with something as beautiful as Black Walnut inspires our artisans to do their best work. It has been verified by a third party that Craft's Black Walnut comes from legal and ethical sources by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative®.

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Heart Pine Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Authentic Heart Pine beams and decking from historic buildings across rural America have been crafted out of 100-year-old reclaimed wood. By hand, CRAFT artisans restore this wonderful resource through the laborious and time-consuming process of reclaiming. American Heart Pine is now all but extinct from its native forests, but our craftsmen are working hard to give it a new life through a variety of painstaking techniques. Creating a memory that can be cherished for generations to come by preserving a moment from the past.

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CRAFT Artisan Wood Floors: Their Environmental Impact

The principles of sustainability and healthy living environments are deeply ingrained in the culture of CRAFT Artisan Wood Floors. It is important to note that these are not just empty statements - third-party certifications are available as evidence. A favorite of professionals and discerning homeowners alike for its artisanal approach to woodworking, CRAFT also enjoys a reputation for its commitment to sustainable sourcing, healthy manufacturing, and product transparency. The existence of these facts has prompted the development of green building standards, certifications, and rating systems that aim to mitigate the impact of buildings on the environment through the use of environmentally friendly designs.

GREENGUARD® Gold Certified products meet some of the most rigorous, third-party chemical emissions standards in the world. The purpose of this is to reduce indoor air pollution and chemical exposure while creating a healthier indoor environment. Engineered cores made from Canadian structural grade Spruce are the foundation of every CRAFT floor. Due to its origin in responsibly managed Canadian forests, our Spruce is considered to be a highly valuable renewable resource that contributes to a sustainable future. A unique feature of Craft floors is the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® third-party certification of the cores to ensure safety, responsibility, and sustainability. Furthermore, Craft is proud to be an Associate Member of the BC Wood Specialties Group and to be involved in the British Columbian wood products industry. We have available environmental impact information and certifications, such as SFI CoC and GG Gold certifications (on every CRAFT floor), which demonstrate our commitment to sustainable manufacturing practices, LEED eligibility, and contribution to a healthy environment.

CRAFT's LCA provides us with a scientific basis for identifying improvement opportunities and supporting decision-making in developing new products and processes. Typically, greenhouse gas emissions are measured in an LCA study, along with water consumption, land use, and nonrenewable energy usage. A detailed report is produced titled an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD).

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CRAFT Artisan Wood Floors: Truly One of a Kind

At CRAFT Artisan Wood Floors, they realized a long time ago: that making a genuinely beautiful wood floor - one that people would love - requires a handcrafted process. A CRAFT floor exhibits textures and tones unmatched by any other manufacturer due to their uncompromising commitment to laborious and time-consuming manual techniques of craftsmanship.

Each board is handcrafted by our artisans without taking any shortcuts. Each plank has a unique texture due to the hand texturing process. Their wood is sanded and stained by hand so that its luster can only come from time-honored techniques. In order to maintain the authenticity of our VintageCRAFT texture, chiseled bevels are chiseled by hand, as is the case with the filling of knots and seasoning of checks. Craft has earned a reputation for exceptional quality by adhering to a principled manufacturing approach and relentless attention to detail.


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