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What Is NXT Level Flow Self-Leveling Underlayment?

Have you considered installing vinyl flooring, laminate flooring, or engineered hardwood flooring in your house or business? You must ensure that your subfloor is smooth and level before you lay down your new flooring. It is for this reason that NXT Level Flow Self-Leveling Underlayment offers a solution.

Self-leveling underlayment for your floor | Word of Mouth Floors Canada

NXT Level Flow is a self-leveling underlayment that provides a smooth surface for your new flooring by leveling out your subfloor. Designed with value engineering in mind, this leveler offers the benefits of a high-quality floor leveler without breaking the bank.

High flowability is one of the best features of NXT Level Flow, which ensures good coverage. Because of the product's low viscosity, you can easily apply and use it to achieve a level surface. Additionally, it's both pourable and pumpable, so it can be used in a variety of applications.

For smoothing out existing rough concrete, this self-leveling underlayment creates a flat surface suitable for most flooring materials. During installation, it may be applied over concrete with relative humidity as high as 100% (or less as per ASTM F2170). This allows for minimal downtime.

NXT Level Flow is also versatile when it comes to its applications. The material can be placed between 1/8" and 2" (3mm to 51 mm) and tapered to zero at the edges, making it ideal for a variety of flooring projects. Additionally, the product contains inorganic materials that will not support mould or mildew growth.

Its greatest feature is the fact that NXT Level Flow provides a suitable surface for most finished floor goods within 48 hours. The result is that you are able to have your new flooring installed in a short amount of time.

Basically, if you plan to install flooring, you need to make sure that your subfloor is prepared properly. This self-leveling underlayment from NXT provides a smooth surface for your new flooring while leveling out your subfloor. For flooring projects of any size, NXT Level Flow offers high flowability, ease of use, and versatility.

Another Product From NXT

NXT Level Plus flow Self-leveling underlayment for floor

NXT Level Plus 

NXT Level Plus is high-quality and made of fiber-reinforced, cement-based self-leveling underlayment that can be used on plywood, OSB, gypsum, and concrete substrates. With its rapid-setting formula, finishing flooring can be installed in as little as 12 hours on a flat, smooth, and hard surface.

NXT Level Plus' rapid curing self-leveling formula allows for quick application of finish floor goods. The finished floor goods can be applied as soon as 12 hours after placement, and the underlayment is walkable within two to three hours. The result is that your new flooring can be installed and ready to use within a few hours.

The NXT Level Plus is also fiber-reinforced, which enhances flexibility and durability. Consequently, it is a great option for high-traffic areas, as it can withstand heavy foot traffic and other stresses.

NXT Level Plus' free-flowing formula smooths out rough concrete, gypsum-based substrates, plywood/OSB, and rough gypsum surfaces without requiring a metal lath. The product is both pourable and plumbable, making it ideal for small to large jobs.

NXT Level Plus can be installed over concrete testing up to a relative humidity of 100% (or less per ASTM F2170), so installation can take place with minimal downtime. Moreover, it provides superior compression strength for long-lasting performance.

A Microban antimicrobial product protection is also included with this self-leveling underlayment to prevent the growth of stain-causing mould and mildew. On concrete substrates, it can be applied from 1/8" to 1-1/4" (3 mm to 32 mm) and tapered to zero at edges, and on wood substrates, 1/4" to 1-1/4" (6.35 mm to 32 mm). This material is low-shrinkage and very stable, and it is compatible with most adhesives.

Additionally, NXT Level Plus can be used as a seamless replacement for DRYTEK LEVELEX PLUS.

A properly prepared subfloor is essential if you're planning a flooring installation project. NXT Level Plus provides a smooth surface for your new flooring by leveling out your subfloor. As a fast-curing self-leveling product made with fiber-reinforced construction, NXT Level Plus provides free-flowing self-leveling capabilities for any flooring project.

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Features & Benefits NXT Level Flow Self-Leveling Underlayment

  • Value-engineered to meet your budget
  • High flowing allows for great coverage
  • The low viscosity makes it easy to apply and use  
  • Self-leveling underlayment smooths existing rough concrete providing a flat floor  
  • The floor leveler is both pourable and pumpable so you can use it in small to large applications   
  • It can be applied over concrete testing up to RH of 100% (or less per ASTM F2170) allowing for minimal downtime 
  • Can be placed from 1/8" to 2" (3mm to 51 mm) and tapered to zero at the edges 
  • Inorganic materials will not contribute to mold/mildew growth 
  • Suitable surface for most finished floor goods after 48 hours

Final Thoughts on NXT Level Flow Self-Leveling Underlayment

NXT Level Flow Self-Leveling Underlayment for home and office

NXT Level Flow - Self-Leveling Underlayment for Flooring is an innovative product designed to make the process of installing a new floor easier and more efficient. It is ideal for both residential and commercial applications, offering numerous benefits and advantages to its users. Firstly, NXT Level Flow provides a smooth, level surface for the flooring to be installed on. This eliminates any dips or uneven spots on the surface, which can cause problems with the final flooring installation, leading to an uneven finish or even cracks appearing over time. Secondly, this product is incredibly fast to install, saving significant amounts of time on the job site. 

One of the key benefits of NXT Level Flow is its self-leveling properties, which allow it to flow and settle in place, creating a smooth, even base for the flooring to be laid on top. Because of this, it significantly reduces the need for hand manipulation or additional smoothing tools to create a level surface. Along with this, it also allows faster installation of the flooring itself as there's no need to spend time correcting an uneven surface before laying down the finish layer. Additionally, NXT Level Flow is highly durable and resistant to wear and tear. This means that the floors are less likely to wear out or become damaged, even in high-traffic areas. 

Finally, NXT Level Flow is incredibly versatile and can work with various subfloor types, from concrete to wood, making it ideal for a range of different flooring applications. In summary, using NXT Level Flow - Self Leveling Underlayment for flooring offers numerous benefits and advantages, including a level surface, faster installation times, durability, and versatility, making it an excellent investment for any flooring project.

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